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Title: The Scarecrow of Oz [Illustrated], Author: L. FRANK BAUM
Title: Rinkitink in Oz [Illustrated], Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: Rot & Ruin #2, Author: Jonathan Maberry
Title: The Flying Stingaree, Author: John Blaine
Title: The Flaming Mountain, Author: John Blaine
Title: The Wailing Octopus, Author: Harold Leland Goodwin
Title: The Spirit of Love, Author: Caroline Keefer
Title: English Fairy Tales, Author: F. A. Steel
Title: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Author: James Joyce
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Title: A Christmas Carol, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Ulysses, Author: James Joyce
Title: Neighborhood Watch, Author: Joseph Turkot
Title: Grimm's Fairy Tales + The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, George MacDonald and Hans Christian Andersen, Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: Leonardo and the Conspirators of Florence (Da Vinci's Cases, #1), Author: Alfred Bekker
Title: One Day at Horrorland (Classic Goosebumps Series #5), Author: R. L. Stine
Title: WORLDWIDE BESTSELLER COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED EDITION: AESOP'S FABLES (Special Nook Edition) COMPLETE COLLECTION OF OVER 300 FABLES BY AESOP Includes The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Fox and the Grapes, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Author: Esop or Aesop
Title: Steampunk: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Author: Zdenko Basic
Title: Grimm's Fairy Tales, Author: Brothers Grimm
Title: Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: Troll Mountain, Episode I: The Tyranny of the Trolls, Author: Matthew Reilly

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