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Title: Queen of the Courtesans: Fanny Murray, Author: Barbara White
Title: Normandiefront: D-Day to Saint-Lo Through German Eyes, Author: Vince Milano
Title: El dictador: La historia secreta y pública de Jorge Rafael Videla, Author: María Seoane
Title: Working for Victory: A Diary of Life in a Second World War Factory, Author: Sue Bruley
Title: Down But Not Out: The Incredible Story of Second World War Airman Maurice 'Moggy' Mayne, Author: Maurice Mayne
Title: Black Poppies: Britain's Black Community and the Great War, Author: Stephen Bourne
Title: Modern Chinese History: 1840 to 1949, Author: Lim
Title: Just Gargoyle Photos! Big Book of Photographs & Pictures of Gargoyle Statues, Vol. 1, Author: Big Book of Photos
Title: Crítica de las ideas políticas argentinas, Author: Juan José Sebreli
Title: Antoine of Oregon (Illustrated), Author: James Otis
Title: Plaha, Author: Marina Test
Title: Maui, Kakamora and Other Legends of Oceania, Author: Richard Sweetman
Title: History for Kids: The Illustrated Life of Galileo Galilei, Author: Charles River Editors
Title: If You Were a Pioneer on the Prairie, Author: Anne Kamma
Title: Little Eagle, Author: Therese O. Deming
Title: Homer's Secret Odyssey, Author: Kenneth Wood
Title: Melanie und das Ungeheuer: Eine Geschichte für Kinder, Author: Angelika Kütz
Title: The Potawatomi Boy, Author: Lisa Lickel
Title: Working the London Underground: From 1863 to 2013, Author: Ben Pedroche
Title: The Little Wise Girl, Author: Daniel Whyte III

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