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Title: Myths & Legends of FWW, Author: James Hayward
Title: Normandiefront: D-Day to Saint-Lo Through German Eyes, Author: Vince Milano
Title: Sandringham Days: The Domestic Life of the Royal Family in Norfolk, 1862-1952, Author: John Matson
Title: Pleasures & Pastimes in Tudor, Author: Alison Sim
Title: Jack Thayer and the Wreck of the Titanic, Author: Jack Thayer
Title: Elizabeth Regina, Author: Alison Plowden
Title: General San Martin, Author: Hezekiah Butterworth
Title: The Gods of the Celts, Author: Miranda Green
Title: Darkest Before Dawn: U-482 and the Sinking of the Empire Heritage 1944, Author: John Peterson
Title: Down But Not Out: The Incredible Story of Second World War Airman Maurice 'Moggy' Mayne, Author: Maurice Mayne
Title: Scotland's Story, Author: H. E. Marshall
Title: The Cold War: A History Just for Kids!, Author: KidCaps
Title: The Real German War Plan, 1904-14, Author: Terernce Zuber
Title: The History of the Civil War for Kids, Author: KidCaps
Title: The Great Depression: A History Just For Kids, Author: KidCaps
Title: Great Escapes, Author: George Sullivan
Title: 14 Fun Facts About the Washington Monument: A 15-Minute Book, Author: Caitlind Alexander
Title: Story of James McGough and the Wreck of the Titanic: A 15-Minute book, Author: James McGough
Title: The Lewis and Clark Expedition: An American Adventure (A History Just for Kids!), Author: KidCaps
Title: The Wireless Operator and the Wreck of the Titanic: A 15-Minute Book, Author: Harold Bride

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