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Title: Celebrating Peanuts (5-Book Bundle), Author: Charles M. Schulz
Title: Santa's Prize, Author: Nancy Claus
Title: Heldengeschichten: Die Abenteuer von Prinzessin Lalaganda und Sir Ditje, Author: Regine Schlesiger
Title: Are We Done Yet? (a tail of furry tubbing), Author: Pete Grubbs
Title: Mama's Bag, Author: Anat Tour
Title: The Bear and The Princess Meet Aarna, Author: Powell Jackson
Title: It's Yasus the Dog!, Author: loujen haxm'Yor
Title: Ten Terrible Tales for Tots with Twisted Parents, Author: Keith Joseph Sereduck
Title: Skip Happy, Author: Jenny Law
Title: Maya's Christmas Star, Author: N J Davis
Title: Funny Pets in Costumes, Author: Rebecca Smith
Title: Cartoon Dogs, Author: James A Rumpf
Title: Charlotte and the Christmas Tree, Author: Gerry Strong
Title: Les Loisirs de Père Noël, Author: Dan Stosich
Title: Please Don't Eat Me!!!, Author: Mitchell J. William
Title: Dear Caden and Kaylee..... Love, Punky, Author: Kay Cleaver
Title: Los Pasatiempos de Papá Noel , Author: Dan Stosich
Title: Footprints of St. Nicholas: An illustrated history of the life and times of Santa Claus, Volume 1, Author: Bill Fiete
Title: Jack & the Cowstalk, Author: Colin Anderson
Title: Dear Caden and Kaylee... Love Spooky, Author: Kay Cleaver

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