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Title: The Kingdom of Dog (Golden Retriever Mysteries, #2), Author: Neil S. Plakcy
Title: The Secret Language of Dogs: Unlocking the Canine Mind for a Happier Pet, Author: Victoria Stilwell
Title: Lessons from Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog, Author: Dave Barry
Title: Show Dog: The Charmed Life and Trying Times of a Near-Perfect Purebred, Author: Josh Dean
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Title: Someone To Look Up To, Author: Jean Gill
Title: Mama's Last Hug: Animal and Human Emotions, Author: Frans de Waal
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Title: The Lord God Made Them All, Author: James Herriot
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Title: The Dog Who Came to Stay, Author: Hal Borland
Title: My Life among the Underdogs, Author: Tia Torres
Title: Secrets of the Savanna: Twenty-three Years in the African Wilderness Unraveling the Mysteries ofElephants and People, Author: Mark Owens
Title: Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust, Author: Michael Hingson
Title: Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat, Author: Gwen Cooper
Title: The Grace of Dogs: A Boy, a Black Lab, and a Father's Search for the Canine Soul, Author: Andrew Root
Title: The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic, Author: Gay Salisbury
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Title: Seabiscuit: An American Legend, Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Title: Dog Soldiers: Part 1 of 3: Love, loyalty and sacrifice on the front line, Author: Isabel George
Title: The Perfect Horse: The Daring U.S. Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped by the Nazis, Author: Elizabeth Letts
Title: Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog, Author: Cesar Millan
Title: Craig & Fred: A Marine, a Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other, Author: Craig Grossi
Title: A Dog Named Beautiful: A Marine, a Dog, and a Long Road Trip Home, Author: Rob Kugler

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