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Title: On the Origin of Species, Author: Charles Darwin
Title: The Varieties of Religious Experience (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: William James
Title: Discourse on Method, Author: René Descartes
Title: Maxims and Reflections, Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Title: Saint Thomas Aquinas, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: The World as I See It, Author: Albert Einstein
Title: The Republic, Author: Plato
Title: Marcus Aurelius Complete Works - World's Best Collection: All Works - Meditations, Teachings, Stoic Philosophy Plus Biography, Bonus Interpretation & Stoicism Analysis, Author: Marcus Aurelius
Title: Cities, Author: Thomas Paine
Title: Siddhartha (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Hermann Hesse
Title: Everything All at Once: How to Unleash Your Inner Nerd, Tap into Radical Curiosity and Solve Any Problem, Author: Bill Nye
Title: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Integral Yoga Pocket Edition: Translation and Commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda, Author: Swami Satchidananda
Title: Only The Spoken Words Of Jesus Christ. From Birth to Ascension, Author: J. Edward
Title: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Author: Patanjali
Title: How to Talk to People: The Right Way, Author: Dean Mack
Title: Ethical Fragments, Author: Hierocles
Title: As a Man Thinketh, Author: James Allen
Title: Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Future Philosophy (Wisehouse Classics), Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Title: Shelter: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel, Author: Carol Bird
Title: Aristotle: The Complete Works, Author: Aristotle

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