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Title: Walden and Civil Disobedience (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave & Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Author: Frederick Douglass
Title: My Bondage and My Freedom (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Frederick Douglass
Title: Clear and Present Dangers in America, Author: Larry Elder
Title: The Underground Rail Road, Author: William Still
Title: The People Speak: American Voices, Some Famous, Some Little Known, Author: Howard Zinn
Title: The Last Man in Russia: The Struggle to Save a Dying Nation, Author: Oliver Bullough
Title: A Farther Shore: Ireland's Long Road to Peace, Author: Gerry Adams
Title: Ethical Religion, Author: Mohandas Gandhi
Title: Three Guineas, Author: Virginia Woolf
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Title: My Bondage and My Freedom (Illustrated), Author: Frederick Douglass
Title: Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Author: Frederick Douglass
Title: Civil Disobedience and Other Essays, Author: Henry David Thoreau
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Title: On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau, Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Gringos, contras y sandinistas, Author: Donald Castillo Rivas
Title: Gulf Kaleidoscope: Reflections on the Iranian Challenge, Author: Jon B. Alterman
Title: International Relations: Rwanda - Between Justice and Lawlessness, Author: Anne Gehrke
Title: God and the State, Author: Mikhail Bakunin
Title: TERRORISM AND NIGERIA: The Boko Haram Scourge, Author: Janvier Tchouteu
Title: FROM ISOLATION TO LEADERSHIP, Author: John Holladay Latane

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