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Title: Apollo 13, Author: James Lovell
Title: The Stars, Author: H. A. Rey
Title: The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions, Author: Shing-Tung Yau
Title: The Smithsonian Book of Air & Space Trivia, Author: Smithsonian Institution
Title: Lucky Planet: Why Earth is Exceptional-and What That Means for Life in the Universe, Author: David Waltham
Title: Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet, Author: Steven Squyres
Title: The Last Three Minutes: Conjectures About The Ultimate Fate Of The Universe, Author: Paul Davies
Title: Universe By Design: An Explanation of Cosmology & Creation, Author: Danny Faulkner
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Title: Lives of the Planets: A Natural History of the Solar System, Author: Richard Corfield
Title: The Life of Super-Earths: How the Hunt for Alien Worlds and Artificial Cells Will Revolutionize Life on Our Planet, Author: Dimitar Sasselov
Title: Many Skies: Alternative Histories of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars, Author: Arthur Upgren
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Title: Kosmos - Quanten - Zeitreise.: Die 50 spannendsten neuen Erkenntnisse., Author: Matthias Gräbner
Title: A Ray of Light in a Sea of Dark Matter, Author: Charles Keeton
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Title: The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets, Author: Alan Boss