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Title: The Nikola Tesla Way of Energy Transport, Author: Wim Vegt
Title: Theory of Relativity, Author: IntroBooks Team
Title: Evolution is Crap: Where is the Half Man, Half Monkey?, Author: O-O Happiness
Title: From fish to philosopher; the story of our internal environment, Author: Homer William Smith
Title: Physics Equations - Frictional Force, Author: JD P
Title: Myths in Modern Physics: Awaken, Author: David Ash
Title: Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Guide, Author: Oshea
Title: Our Universe 3: CMB, Inflation & Dark Matter, Author: Robert Piccioni
Title: Creazione ed Evoluzione: Un confronto fra Evoluzionismo Teista, Darwinismo Casualista e Creazionismo, Author: Guido Pagliarino
Title: Evolucia Zizni, prodolzenie, Author: izdat-knigu.ru
Title: Consequences of Evolution and Cultural Bias: Cause and Consequence, Author: Thomas A. Moreau
Title: The Coexistence of Science and Religion, Author: Fred Herrmann
Title: Charles Darwin: Die Reise zur Erkenntnis (GEO eBook), Author: GEO Magazin
Title: MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS, Author: David Hilbert
Title: Learn and Understand the Theory of Relativity, Author: IntroBooks Team
Title: Immortality is accessible to everyone. The main Principles of Self-Consciousness structures rezonation-in Russian, Author: Oris
Title: Sequence Kernel for Z’ Factor, Author: Karol Kozak
Title: Our Universe 4: Mysteries of the Cosmos, Author: Robert Piccioni
Title: The Special and General Theory of Relativity (Illustrated), Author: Albert Einstein
Title: Taboo and Genetics, Author: Melvin Moses Knight

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