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Title: Guts: The True Stories behind Hatchet and the Brian Books, Author: Gary Paulsen
Title: Grief Girl, Author: Erin Vincent
Title: Kian and Jc: Don't Try This at Home!, Author: Kian Lawley
Title: Up from Slavery: An Autobiography, Author: Booker T. Washington
Title: Tony Hawk: Professional Skateboarder, Author: Tony Hawk
Title: Teenage Degenerate: A Memoir that Explores the Depths of Methamphetamine and Drug Addiction, Author: S.C. Sterling
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Title: The Diary of
Title: Jack & Jack: You Don't Know Jacks, Author: Jack Johnson
Title: Rock 'n' Roll Soldier: A Memoir, Author: Dean Ellis Kohler
Title: Caught by the Sea: My Life on Boats, Author: Gary Paulsen
Title: Your Own, Sylvia: A Verse Portrait of Sylvia Plath, Author: Stephanie Hemphill
Title: Die Gestohlenen Jahre In Zürich, Author: Lily Amis
Title: NANCE: Trials of the First Slave Freed by Abraham Lincoln: A True Story of Mrs. Nance Legins-Costley, Author: Carl M. Adams
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Title: Always, Author: Jon ONeal
Title: Robert Wadlow: The Unique Life of the Boy Who Became the World's Tallest Man, Author: Jennifer Phillips
Title: Pop Princesses, Author: Beth Peters
Title: Cien años de Juan Rulfo.:
Title: The Notebook Girls, Author: Julia Baskin
Title: Sailing Alone Around the World, Author: Joshua Slocum
Title: Robert E. Lee's Orderly A Black Youth's Southern Inheritance (2nd Edition), Author: Al Arnold

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