Title: The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution, Author: Gregory Cochran
Title: The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, Author: Robert Trivers
Title: Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life: A Psychologist Investigates How Evolution, Cognition, and Complexity Are Revolutionizing Our View of Human Nature, Author: Douglas T. Kenrick
Title: The Big Ratchet: How Humanity Thrives in the Face of Natural Crisis, Author: Ruth DeFries
Title: Animal Architects: Building and the Evolution of Intelligence, Author: James L. Gould
Title: Mean Genes: From Sex To Money To Food: Taming Our Primal Instincts, Author: Terry Burnham
Title: Moral Origins: The Evolution of Virtue, Altruism, and Shame, Author: Christopher Boehm