Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong Illustrated, Fourth Edition, Author: Bill Douglas
Title: The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing, Author: Kenneth S. Cohen
Title: Qigong for Health & Martial Arts: Exercises and Meditation, Author: Jwing-Ming Yang
Title: Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao Mantak Chia, Author: Mantak Chia
Title: The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment / Edition 2, Author: Jwing-Ming Yang
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Title: Chi Gung: Chinese Healing, Energy and Natural Magick, Author: L.V. Carnie
Title: Qigong Meditation: Embryonic Breathing, Author: Jwing-Ming Yang Ph.D.
Title: Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health, Author: Bruce Frantzis
Title: The Way of Energy: A Gaia Original, Author: Master Lam Kam-Chuen
Title: Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form Qigong, Author: Jwing-Ming Yang Ph.D.
Title: Qigong Teachings of a Taoist Immortal: The Eight Essential Exercises of Master Li Ching-yun, Author: Stuart Alve Olson
Title: Healing Light of the Tao: Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy, Author: Mantak Chia
Title: Qigong, The Secret of Youth: Da Mo's Muscle/Tendon Changing and Marrow/Brain Washing Classics, Author: Jwing-Ming Yang Ph.D.
Title: Five Elements, Six Conditions: A Taoist Approach to Emotional Healing, Psychology, and Internal Alchemy, Author: Gilles Marin
Title: Empty Force: The Power of Chi for Self-Defense and Energy Healing, Author: Paul Dong
Title: The Inner Structure of Tai Chi: Mastering the Classic Forms of Tai Chi Chi Kung, Author: Mantak Chia
Title: Taoist Cosmic Healing: Chi Kung Color Healing Principles for Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Author: Mantak Chia
Title: Emotional Wisdom: Daily Tools for Transforming Anger, Depression, and Fear, Author: Mantak Chia
Title: Tan Tien Chi Kung: Foundational Exercises for Empty Force and Perineum Power, Author: Mantak Chia
Title: Walking Kung, Author: Sheng Kung Yun

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