Title: The Kingdom of God Is Within You: Christianity Not as a Mystic Religion but as a New Theory of Life (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading), Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: The Gospel of Life: (Evangelium Vitae), Author: Pope John Paul II
Title: Shepherd's Notes: C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, Author: C. S. Lewis
Title: The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, Author: Thomas Jefferson
Title: Splendor of Truth: Veritatis Splendor: Addressed by the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II to All the Bishops of the Catholic Church Regarding, Author: Usccb
Title: PRAYING the WORD Journal, Author: Olaide O. Olubi
Title: Christian Morality: In the Breath of God, Author: Russell B. Connors Jr. Ph.D.
Title: The Imitation of Christ (Translated by William Benham with an Introduction by Frederic W. Farrar), Author: Thomas à Kempis
Title: What the Bible Says about Abortion, Euthanasia, and End-of-Life Medical Decisions, Author: Wayne Grudem
Title: Faith and Human Rights: Christianity and the Global Struggle for Human Dignity, Author: Richard Amesbury
Title: The Kingdom of God Is Within You, Author: Leo Tolstoy
Title: Mere Christianity, Author: C. S. Lewis
Title: Ripples in the Water: Success Stories of Churches Striving for Water Justice, Author: Susan Kim
Title: Quodlibetal Questions on Moral Problems, Author: Henry of Ghent
Title: The Ten Commandments: The Liberating Rules of God, Author: Stuart Briscoe
Title: The Social Principles of Jesus, Author: Walter Rauschenbusch
Title: Why We Live in Community / Edition 3, Author: Eberhard Arnold
Title: Death Penalty and Discipleship: A Faith Formation Guide, Author: David Matzko McCarthy
Title: Measuring Morality: A Comparison of Ethical Systems, Author: Erwin W. Lutzer
Title: A War's On, Christian! Are You A Combatant Or A Casualty?: Fight The Good Fight Against Satan & Sin, Author: John C. Schneidervin

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