Title: Doing Right: Practicing Ethical Principles, Author: David W. Gill
Title: Saints and Sinners in Early Christian Ireland: Moral Theology in the Lives of Saints Brigit and Columba, Author: Katja Ritari
Title: Covenant and Communication: A Christian Moral Conversation with JYrgen Habermas, Author: Hak Joon Lee
Title: Ethics in the Presence of Christ, Author: Christopher R. J. Holmes
Title: The Life and Death Dilemma: Families Facing Health Care Choices, Author: Joni Eareckson Tada
Title: Faith, Formation, and Decision: Ethics in the Community of Promise, Author: James Childs (Editor)
Title: Love Is Always Right, Author: Josh McDowell
Title: Liberation Ethics: Sources, Models, and Norms, Author: Thomas Schubeck
Paperback $22.13 $23.00 Current price is $22.13, Original price is $23.00.
Title: With Eyes of Flesh: The Bible, Gender and Human Rights, Author: Carole R. Fontaine
Title: Life on the Line: Ethics, Aging, Ending Patients' Lives, and Allocating Vital Resources, Author: John F. Kilner
Paperback $30.15 $33.50 Current price is $30.15, Original price is $33.50.
Title: Democracy on Purpose: Justice and the Reality of God, Author: Franklin I. Gamwell
Title: Beyond Philosophy: Ethics, History, Marxism, and Liberation Theology / Edition 240, Author: Enrique Dussel

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