Title: Free to Be Human, Author: Eugene Kennedy
Title: Witness to Wonder: The World of Catholic Sacrament, Author: Regis Martin
Title: Of Passion and Folly: A Scriptural Foundation for Peace, Author: Patricia McCarthy CND
Title: The Radical Christian Life: A Year with Saint Benedict, Author: Joan Chittister OSB
Title: Open Wide the Door to Christ, Author: S. C. Biela
Title: And God Said,
Title: Five Loaves and Two Fish, Author: Francis Nguyen Van Thuan
Title: Real Presence, Author: Regis A. OFM Duffy
Title: I Call You Friends, Author: Timothy Radcliffe
Title: Walk Humbly With Your God: Simple Steps to a Virtuous Life, Author: Andrew Apostoli C.F.R.
Title: Saint Benedict For The Laity, Author: Eric Dean
Title: You Are the Catholic Brand, Author: Matthew Kilmurry
Title: A Catholic Teen's Guide to Tough Stuff: Straight Talk, Real Issues, Author: Jim Auer
Title: Ostriches, Dung Beetles and Other Spiritual Masters: A Book of Wisdom from the Wild, Author: Janice McLaughlin
Title: Resisting Happiness: A True Story about Why We Sabotage Ourselves, Feel Overwhelmed, Set Aside Our Dreams, and Lack the Courage to Simply B, Author: Matthew Kelly
Title: Reason and the Rule of Faith: Conversations in the Tradition with John Paul II, Author: Christopher J. Thompson
Title: The Masculine Spirit, Author: Max Oliva
Title: Living the Catholic Faith: Rediscovering the Basics, Author: Charles J. Chaput O.F.M.Cap
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Title: Being Catholic in a Changing World, Author: Daniel Kendall
Title: Christian Humanism: Creation, Redemption, and Reintegration, Author: John P. Bequette

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