Title: That Your Joy May be Complete: Secret to Becoming a Joyful Person, Author: George Maloney
Title: Centered Living: The Way of Centering Prayer, Author: Basil Pennington
Title: A Spirituality for the Vulnerable, Author: Charles Davis
Title: A Portrait of Jesus, Author: Joseph F Girzone
Title: Listen with the Heart: Sacred Moments in Everyday Life, Author: Sister Joan Chittister
Title: Christian Classics in Modern English, Author: Bernard Bangley
Title: And God Said,
Title: Caminemos Con Jesus; Toward a Hispanic/Latino Theology of Accompaniment, Author: Roberto S. Goizueta
Title: Coping Catholic: A Memoir of Practical Faith, Author: William J. Donnelly
Title: The Born-Again Catholic, Author: Albert H. Boudreau
Title: The Gospel Truth, Author: Mitch Finley
Title: I Call You Friends, Author: Timothy Radcliffe
Title: Why I Am Still a Catholic: Essays in Faith and Perseverance / Edition 1, Author: Peter Stanford
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