Title: Forbidden Friendships: Homosexuality and Male Culture in Renaissance Florence / Edition 1, Author: Michael Rocke
Title: Italian Birds of Passage: The Diaspora of Neapolitan Musicians in New York, Author: Simona Frasca
Title: The Military Organisation of a Renaissance State: Venice c.1400 to 1617, Author: M. E. Mallett
Title: Italy in the Nineteenth Century: 1796-1900 / Edition 1, Author: John A. Davis
Title: Doctors and Medicine in Early Renaissance Florence, Author: Katharine Park
Title: The Napoleonic Empire in Italy, 1796-1814: Cultural Imperialism in a European Context?, Author: M. Broers
Title: Italian Cultural Studies: An Introduction / Edition 1, Author: David Forgacs
Paperback from $41.84 $55.00 Current price is $41.84, Original price is $55.00.
Title: The Culture of the High Renaissance: Ancients and Moderns in Sixteenth-Century Rome / Edition 1, Author: Ingrid D. Rowland
Title: Renaissance Florence: A Social History, Author: Roger J. Crum
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Title: History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages, Author: Ferdinand Gregorovius
Title: Sicily on Screen: Essays on the Representation of the Island and Its Culture, Author: Giovanna Summerfield
Title: Falerio: Citta Romane 5, Author: Lisa Maraldi
Title: Reading Epic: An Introduction to the Ancient Narratives, Author: Peter Toohey
Title: Agrigento: La necropoli paleocristiana sub divo, Author: Rosa Maria Bonacasa Carra
Title: Archives and Excavations: Essays on the History of Archaeological Excavations in Rome and Southern Italy from the Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century, Author: Ilaria Bignamini
Title: Patterns of Patronage in Renaissance Rome: Francesco Sperulo: Poet, Prelate, Soldier, Spy - Volume II, Author: Paul Gwynne
Title: The Civic World of Early Renaissance Florence, Author: Gene A. Brucker
Title: Debating Divorce in Italy: Marriage and the Making of Modern Italians, 1860-1974, Author: M. Seymour
Title: Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, Author: George Dennis
Title: Keltische Personennamen in Pannonien, Author: Wolfgang Meid

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