Title: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld, Author: Patricia A. McKillip
Title: Stormsong, Author: C. L. Polk
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Title: Phoenix Unbound, Author: Grace Draven
Title: Forever Wolf, Author: Maria Vale
Title: A Wolf Apart, Author: Maria Vale
Title: Cauldrons and Confessions, Author: Michelle M. Pillow
Title: The Fiery Crown, Author: Jeffe Kennedy
Title: Midnight Breed Word Search, Author: Lara Adrian
Title: Dragon's Challenge, Author: Sloane Mcclain
Title: Hexes and Os, Author: Lisa Wells
Title: Revival on King Street: Book #1 Lowcountry Liaisons, Author: Suzie Webster
Title: Heroine's Journey, Author: Sarah Kuhn
Title: The Orchid Throne, Author: Jeffe Kennedy
Title: Rule, Author: Rowenna Miller
Title: Demon's Dance (The Lizzie Grace Series, #4), Author: Keri Arthur
Title: Ricochet Through Time, Author: Lindsey Fairleigh
Title: Dark Protector (Moon Shifter Series #6), Author: Katie Reus
Title: The Hollow Gods, Author: A. J. Vrana
Title: Ella and the Beast, Author: S.E. Smith
Title: Hunter Hunted (The Lizzie Grace Series, #3), Author: Keri Arthur

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