Title: Way!, Author: R. Leland Smith
Title: Rejoice, Author: Maria Athanasiou
Title: The Spirit of Tao, Author: Thomas Cleary
Title: Expressions of Faith, Author: Mary Lou Powis
Title: Plain and Simple: A Journey to the Amish, Author: Sue Bender
Title: Kol Elimelech: The Voice of Rabbi Elimelech Shapira - Chasidic Wisdom for Our Time, Author: Paul Shleffar
Title: Billy Graham Speaks: Insight from the World's Greatest Preacher, Author: Janet Lowe
Title: Manna from Heaven for Today: 60-Day Devotional, Author: Elder Anthony III Gilmore
Title: R U the UGLy GIRL? / R U the UGLy BOY?, Author: Takia Teke
Title: Inspired Gospel Song Book, Author: Nancy Moloto
Title: Glimpses of hope . . ., Author: Susan Taylor
Title: Life's Little Book of Big Jewish Advice, Author: Ronald H. Isaacs
Title: A Zen Forest: Zen Sayings, Author: Soiku Shigematsu
Title: Bible Journal Notebook, Author: Darcell Lemmons
Title: Quotes for the Journey, Wisdom for the Way, Author: Gordon S. Jackson
Title: Master Ma's Ordinary Mind: The Sayings of Zen Master Mazu Daoyi, Author: Fumio Yamada
Title: Inspiration for Life's Relationships: Quotations from Mary Baker Eddy, Author: Mary Baker Eddy
Title: 365 Zen: Daily Readings, Author: Jean Smith
Title: Jesus, Author: Lois Myers
Title: 717 Citações e Provérbios de Robin Sacredfire: Citações Poderosas, Provérbios e Lições de Vida que Inspiram para o Sucesso, Author: Robin Sacredfire

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