Title: Singapore: The Battle that changed the World, Author: James Leasor
Title: Singapore: A Biography, Author: Mark Ravinder Frost
Title: Singapore Politics: Under the People's Action Party / Edition 1, Author: Diane K. Mauzy
Title: Communitarian Ideology and Democracy in Singapore / Edition 1, Author: Beng-Huat Chua
Paperback $73.75 $81.95 Current price is $73.75, Original price is $81.95.
Title: Singapore's Foreign Policy / Edition 1, Author: Michael Leifer
Title: Society and Culture in the Slave South / Edition 1, Author: J. William Harris
Title: Reflections: The Legacy Of Lee Kuan Yew, Author: Yang Razali Kassim
Title: The Straits Chinese House: Domestic Life and Traditions, Author: Peter Lee
Title: Guns of February: Ordinary Japanese Soldiers' Views of the Malayan Campaign and the Fall of Singapore, 1941-42, Author: Henry Frei
Title: Chinese Entrepreneurship in Singapore: History, Faith & Culture, Author: Clive Lim
Title: Singapore's Dunkirk: The Aftermath of the Fall, Author: Geoffrey Brooke
Title: Theatre and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary Singapore, Author: William Peterson
Title: 50 Stories from My Life, Author: Tim Auguer
Title: Singapore: Wealth, Power and the Culture of Control, Author: Carl A. Trocki
Title: When Singapore Fell: Evacuations and Escapes, 1941-42, Author: Joseph Kennedy
Title: Lee Kuan Yew Through The Eyes Of Chinese Scholars, Author: Chen Ning Yang
Title: Battle For Hearts And Minds: New Media And Elections In Singapore, Author: Tarn How Tan
Paperback $32.72 $34.00 Current price is $32.72, Original price is $34.00.
Title: My Journey In Politics: Practical Lessons In Leadership, Author: Peng Kee Ho
Title: The Political Economy of Social Control in Singapore, Author: C. Tremewan

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