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Title: In Cold Blood, Author: Truman Capote
Title: Gangs, Author: Renardo Barden
Title: America's Prisons, Author: Clare Hanrahan
Title: Child Abuse, Author: Henry H. Kim
Title: Lincoln Assassination, Author: Robert Somerlott
Title: 1337 h4x0r h4ndb00k, Author: tapeworm
Title: Organized Crime, Author: James D. Torr
Title: Child Abuse, Author: Debra Goldentyer
Title: Pillaging the Empire: Piracy in the Americas, 1500-1750 / Edition 1, Author: Kris E Lane
Paperback $44.74 $52.95 Current price is $44.74, Original price is $52.95.
Title: Does the Internet Increase the Risk of Crime?, Author: Lisa Yount
Hardcover $26.95 $29.95 Current price is $26.95, Original price is $29.95.
Title: Battered Women, Author: Louise Gerdes
Title: Busting Vegas: The MIT Whiz Kid Who Brought the Casinos to Their Knees [With Earbuds], Author: Ben Mezrich
Title: Gangs and Crime, Author: Austin Sarat
Title: Child Abuse and Neglect: Examining the Psychological Components, Author: Elizabeth R. Connelly
Title: Gangs, Author: Debra Goldentyer
Title: Gangs, Author: Scott Barbour
Hardcover $33.12 $36.80 Current price is $33.12, Original price is $36.80.
Title: Child Abuse: Opposing Viewpoints, Author: Katie DeKoster
Title: Computer Crime: Phreaks, Spies and Salami Slicers, Author: Karen Judson
Title: The Kennedy Assassination, Author: David Robson
Title: Billy the Kid: Outlaw of the Wild West, Author: Roger A. Bruns

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