Title: Food & Eating In Medieval Europe, Author: Martha Carlin
Title: Bloody Good: Chivalry, Sacrifice, and the Great War / Edition 2, Author: Allen J. Frantzen
Title: Women in Early Medieval Europe, 400-1100, Author: Lisa M. Bitel
Title: The Kiss of Peace: Ritual, Self, and Society in the High and Late Medieval West, Author: Kiril Petkov
Hardcover $143.15 $155.00 Current price is $143.15, Original price is $155.00.
Title: An Economic and Social History of Later Medieval Europe, 1000-1500, Author: Steven A. Epstein
Title: Women in the Middle Ages [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia, Author: Katharina M. Wilson
Title: Society, Culture and Politics in Byzantium / Edition 1, Author: Nicolas Oikonomides
Title: Anglo-Saxon Women and the Church: Sharing a Common Fate, Author: Stephanie Hollis
Hardcover $115.50 $120.00 Current price is $115.50, Original price is $120.00.
Title: Russia and Courtly Europe: Ritual and the Culture of Diplomacy, 1648-1725, Author: Jan Hennings
Title: Medieval Clothing and Textiles 3, Author: Robin Netherton
Hardcover $77.24 $80.00 Current price is $77.24, Original price is $80.00.
Title: A History of the University in Europe: Volume 1, Universities in the Middle Ages, Author: Hilde de Ridder-Symoens
Title: Women's Roles in the Middle Ages, Author: Sandy Bardsley
Title: Princes and Princely Culture 1450-1650, Volume 2, Author: Brill
by Brill
Hardcover $147.72 $160.00 Current price is $147.72, Original price is $160.00.
Title: Chaucer and the Universe of Learning / Edition 1, Author: Ann W. Astell
Title: The Medieval Prison: A Social History, Author: G. Geltner
Title: Die Kleidung nach Quellen des fruhen Mittelalters: Textilien und Mode von Karl dem Grossen bis Heinrich III / Edition 1, Author: Mechthild Muller
Title: Early Modern Dynastic Marriages and Cultural Transfer / Edition 1, Author: Joan-Lluis Palos
Title: Women of the Twelfth Century: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Six Others, Author: Georges Duby
Title: Family, Friends and Followers: Political and Social Bonds in Early Medieval Europe, Author: Gerd Althoff
Title: Anglo Saxon England and the Norman Conquest / Edition 2, Author: H.R. Loyn

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