Title: Early Modern Dynastic Marriages and Cultural Transfer / Edition 1, Author: Joan-Lluis Palos
Title: Women of the Twelfth Century: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Six Others, Author: Georges Duby
Title: Family, Friends and Followers: Political and Social Bonds in Early Medieval Europe, Author: Gerd Althoff
Title: Anglo Saxon England and the Norman Conquest / Edition 2, Author: H.R. Loyn
Title: God and Reason in the Middle Ages, Author: Edward Grant
Title: Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe / Edition 1, Author: Richard W. Kaeuper
Title: Women, Power, and Religious Patronage in the Middle Ages, Author: E. Jordan
Title: Anglo-Norman Political Culture and the Twelfth Century Renaissance: Proceedings of the Borchard Conference on Anglo-Norman History, 1995, Author: C. Warren Hollister
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Title: Public Reading and the Reading Public in Late Medieval England and France, Author: Joyce Coleman
Title: 'Of Good and Ill Repute': Gender and Social Control in Medieval England / Edition 1, Author: Barbara A. Hanawalt
Title: Studies in Medieval Thought and Learning From Abelard to Wyclif, Author: Beryl Smalley FBA
Title: Women Readers and the Ideology of Gender in Old French Verse Romance, Author: Roberta L. Krueger
Title: How Marriage Became One of the Sacraments: The Sacramental Theology of Marriage from its Medieval Origins to the Council of Trent, Author: Philip L. Reynolds
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Title: Three Studies in Medieval Religious and Social Thought: The Interpretation of Mary and Martha, the Ideal of the Imitation of Christ, the Orders of Society, Author: Giles Constable
Title: Love and Marriage in the Middle Ages, Author: Georges Duby
Title: Medieval Women Writers / Edition 1, Author: Katharina M. Wilson
Title: Disability in Medieval Europe: Thinking about Physical Impairment in the High Middle Ages, c.1100-c.1400 / Edition 1, Author: Irina Metzler
Title: Voices in Dialogue: Reading Women in the Middle Ages, Author: Linda Olson
Title: Political Thought in Europe, 1250-1450 / Edition 1, Author: Antony Black
Title: Nuns As Historians in Early Modern Germany, Author: Charlotte Woodford

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