Title: Subculture: The Meaning of Style / Edition 1, Author: Dick Hebdige
Paperback $34.15 $37.95 Current price is $34.15, Original price is $37.95.
Title: Acts Of Resistance, Author: Pierre Bourdieu
Title: Anthony Giddens: The Last Modernist / Edition 1, Author: Stjepan Mestrovic
Paperback $58.45 $64.95 Current price is $58.45, Original price is $64.95.
Title: The Handbook of Political Change in Eastern Europe, Author: Sten Berglund
Title: Max Weber: A Biography / Edition 2, Author: Marianne Weber
Title: Controlling Misbehavior in England, 1370-1600, Author: Marjorie Keniston McIntosh
Title: Manuel Castells / Edition 1, Author: Felix Stalder
Title: Weberian Sociological Theory / Edition 1, Author: Randall Collins
Title: Modern France: Society in Transition / Edition 1, Author: Malcolm Cook
Title: Hippocrates' Woman: Reading the Female Body in Ancient Greece / Edition 1, Author: Helen King
Title: The Spectral Jew: Conversion and Embodiment in Medieval Europe, Author: Steven F. Kruger
Title: Max Weber: Readings and Commentary on Modernity / Edition 1, Author: Stephen Kalberg
Paperback $49.95 $54.00 Current price is $49.95, Original price is $54.00.
Title: Civil Society and the Professions in Eastern Europe: Social Change and Organizational Innovation in Poland / Edition 1, Author: S. Wojciech Sokolowski
Title: Rethinking Europe: Social Theory and the Implications of Europeanization / Edition 1, Author: Gerard Delanty
Title: French Connection in Criminology, The: Rediscovering Crime, Law, and Social Change / Edition 1, Author: Bruce A. Arrigo
Title: The Norbert Elias Reader / Edition 1, Author: Johan Goudsblom
Paperback $58.73 $63.50 Current price is $58.73, Original price is $63.50.
Title: Uncertain Transition: Ethnographies of Change in the Postsocialist World / Edition 1, Author: Michael Burawoy
Title: Militarism, Sport, Europe: War Without Weapons / Edition 1, Author: J A Mangan
Title: Sociological Adventures: Earle Edward Eubank's Visits with European Sociologists / Edition 1, Author: Dirk Kasler
Title: Revolution, Economics and Religion: Christian Political Economy, 1798-1833, Author: A. M. C. Waterman

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