Fiona Carson left her office with the perfect amount of time to get to the boardroom for an important meeting. She was wearing a businesslike suit, her blond hair pulled back, almost no makeup. She was the CEO of one…Read more

SF & Fantasy

Only now does Sura see the titles on the stack of texts. “Philosophy, huh?”  Maeve nods briskly. “Summer school. Object-Oriented Ontology? Like, Levi Bryant, Tim Morton, and Quentin Meillassoux?”  “I found Maeve in a strip club,” says Jeri, nodding out…Read more

Teen & YA

Girls of July

Girls of July

Alex Flinn

Spider saw her life as a movie. She planned to write and direct someday, to make an impact with her brain, since she obviously wasn’t going to be competing in the Olympics anytime soon. Everything that happened to her would…Read more