A Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold

by Annie Sullivan


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A Touch of Gold 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
absolutely was in love with this book all the way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! She speaks to young girls everywhere! We do not inherit our patent’s sins!!! I can’t wait for the next book!!
Shelley Murray More than 1 year ago
The story of King Midas isn't one you see many retelling of, and I loved this unique twist on the tale. This YA Fantasy has just enough of a romance element that I alllllmost want to tag it YA Romance as well as Fantasy. However, the real focus of the story is Kora and her journey. There are a couple of big plot twists that I saw coming from a mile away, and another one or two that I actually didn't see coming. I really loved the bits with the sirens the most - as a mermaid lover, it's definitely my favorite part! The side characters are also really great, especially Hettie and Rat. Adore! Also, while this book can be read as a stand alone because the main plotlines do wrap in this book, it also leaves room for a sequel with it's own mission/plot. It's really refreshing in a time where YA seems to all come in massive trilogies with cliffhangers between books, so you're forced to read the next one.
Faye_reviews More than 1 year ago
Princess Kora, daughter of the famed King Midas still lives with the remnants of her father's wish gone wrong, as a result has lived her life secluded in the castle where even the servants are afraid of the curse. Her father is wasting away, his life is deeply entwined with the gold of the curse. When Duke Aris comes to court her, she has hope for the first time that someone understands her and isn't repelled by the curse. But when her father's life is threatened by the theft of the cursed gold, Kora must leave the palace for the first time in order to save her father's life, Aris offers his ship, and they set sail in pursuit of the stolen gold. Kora is joined by her extroverted cousin, Hettie, who stows away on the ship. She meets the mysterious Captain Royce, as well as many members of his crew including the twin Thipps and Phipps. Told in the first person, we get to see through Kora's eyes and experiences as she steps outside her castle and kingdom walls, facing pirates, mermaids, and unforeseen betrayals. I loved the originality of the plot, I'd never before thought about what might have happened to Mida's daughter after her father's unfortunate wish, but it is utterly genius! It was a bit slow to start for me, but the original plot really hooked me, but just as I began to think that everything was getting predictable---plot twist! Then everything was non-stop and I couldn't put the book down and read way into the wee hours of the morning. There was great character development, and some are not what they appear at first glance. I can't say what the twist was, but I loved every bit of it as I don't know why but instantly liked Royce from the very first. Thipps and Phipps were humorous brothers and I loved their loyalty and sacrifices. Hettie can appear rather shallow at first, but is a fun, and supportive friend. Overall, this is a fantastic read that I think would be especially appealing to fans of fairy tale re-tellings. Full of adventure, with pirates, a treasure hunt, and treacherous seas. Definitely surprised me with how much I truly enjoyed it. An action packed, good clean adventure, with a strong heroine, and fantastic plot!
eclecticbookwrm More than 1 year ago
This is such a fun retelling of King Midas. Princess Kora, the daughter of King Midas, has been kept cloistered in the castle of their kingdom nearly her entire life. Since her father received the Touch of Gold, and turned her golden. More than her skin is gold -- Kora has the ability to sense gold. When a thief steals precious gold from the treasury and King Midas weakens, Kora's powers become crucial to her father's reign. She must track down the gold, setting off across the sea with a heartthrob duke and pirate with something to hide. I really loved everything about this story, and quickly devoured it. I'm so excited Sullivan is continuing this series, and cannot wait to read the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TheThoughtSpot More than 1 year ago
A pirating adventure full of dynamic characters! Thanks to NetGalley and Blink for the opportunity to read and review A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan. This story introduces the daughter of King Midas, Princess Kora, who has seen the bad end of "the curse of the golden touch" which was given to her father by Dionysus. Her skin is the color of gold and she’s been kept hidden for her protection since the curse. Someone steals the king’s gold, the gold that gives him strength. Kora can sense where the gold is, so she sets off on a mission with Duke Aris to retrieve the gold and help her father gain his strength back. Kora’s cousin Hettie sneaks on board for the trip only to be disheartened when she discovers how the ship’s living conditions are unlike the palace’s. Aris has gotten the crew that he’s sailed with for years but things seem to be changing and the crew might not be trustworthy anymore. As their search for the gold continues, Kora and Hettie adapt to life on the ship, while training for sword fighting and gaining friendships. The two of them soon discover who they can and can’t trust. The crew also sees the true horror that Captain Skulls encompasses, with dire circumstances. Touch of Gold is a pirating adventure with originality and dynamic characters, 5 stars! * I received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration and all opinions and thoughts are my own.
KarenfromDothan More than 1 year ago
Kora is the daughter of King Midas and just as cursed as he is. With her golden skin and her unusual abilities, she has been kept out of the public eye, and so has had little contact with the outside world. With the kingdom’s coffers running low, Kora’s uncle has begun bringing eligible suitors to the castle, but they’ve all fled in terror. Until one day . . . . This YA novel is based on the Nathaniel Hawthorne version of the King Midas myth. The one where Dionysus grants Midas’s wish and everything he touches turns to gold including his young daughter. This version changes the story a little bit and takes it in a different direction. A Touch of Gold is a thrilling adventure story complete with pirates, romance and betrayal. Its characters range from the feisty and determined to the downright ghoulish. The storyline is interesting and the action fast. A satisfying read for anyone who likes mythology or fantasy or a good adventure story.