Alien Minds

Alien Minds

by Christina Bauer


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Alien Minds 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
THHernandez More than 1 year ago
I finally dove into Christina Bauer’s sci-fi/fantasy adventure series with ALIEN MINDS. While this is book 1 in the Dimension Drift series, the characters and worlds are well-established from other, connected, series. That is evident from the opening chapter. Though I’m new to this world, Bauer does a great job of balancing the plot with world building so that even a newbie like me can grasp the nuances of the setting without being bogged down by details that detract from the story. When 17-year-old Meimi awakes with no memories, she knows something is off about the story she’s been told. She may not remember who she is or anything about her past, but she’s sure the doctor standing in front of her is evil. Just as she’s sure the tall, brooding guard, Thorne, assigned to her means something to her. She just isn’t sure what. When the doctor slates millions of people for execution for being “undesirable” and demands Meimi help him accomplish his goals, she’s determined to thwart him while pretending to go along with his plan. This sets up a wicked game of deception that rivals some of the best heist movies I’ve seen. Plot The story revolves around Memi’s plans to prevent the destruction of innocent human lives while remaining alive herself. Told in dual points of view from Memi’s and Thorne’s perspectives, we see flashes of Meimi’s life before her mind wipe through Thorne, and insights into how she thinks through hers. Despite her memory loss, she is who she is, and her spunk and intelligence shine through. Teaming up with people from Meimi’s past, they plan the ultimate act of defiance and bravery to save the world. Strong subplots include Meimi’s battle to regain who she is and Thorne’s battle to win back her feelings for him. Characters Meimi is a strong protagonist who inherently knows right from wrong and will risk everything to do what is right. Thorne is a tortured soul with a secret – he’s an alien, and oh yeah, son of the ruler of the omniverse. These two shouldn’t work, yet they are linked in a way that is more than just mutual attraction. Meimi is witty, sarcastic, and driven. Thorne is dark and brooding. Both are well-developed and a joy to read. The evil Dr. Godwin is more of a cartoonish character, though. Evil for the sake of evil. While he makes for a good bad guy, he’s not as developed as he could have been. Supporting characters, twins Zoe and Chloe, Fritz, and the others are more complex and nicely round out the cast. World Building This is where the story really shines. The alien world, dystopian Boston, alternate dimensions, and the technology are extraordinarily well constructed, and the writer’s ability to paint vibrant pictures with her words brings this amazing omniverse to life. What I Enjoyed About ALIEN MINDS 1. World Building. Some of the best world building I’ve read in a long time. 2. Meimi. Her sarcastic wit is a blast to read. 3. Tech. The technology that populates this world is as engaging as the characters. 4. Sticking it to the Man. Their goal of beating Godwin at his own game is something we all can root for. 5. Thorne. His devotion to Meimi is both sweet and swoony. Bottom Line A fun, action-packed adventure with amazing world-building and fun characters. Disclaimer I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
Brandy Mulder More than 1 year ago
I recommend reading the prequels first but it's not necessary. They will help fill in how Thorne becomes a guard and how Meimi ends up in the hospital, but you won't be lost if you don't read them. There is secrets, lies, espionage, danger, and lots of awesome tech. The tech gets more of an explanation in the prequel Scythe like how drift voids are a way to cross realities, but I don't think it's confusing as it's presented in this book. Meimi is out to take down the plans of an evil scientist who is willing to kill millions to take over the government. She only needs the help of her friends that she can't remember, and a possible alien who has a psychotic dad. It's fast paced fun with a little violence and no graphic content. I would recommend 14-15+ ages due to the science.
BookwormforKids More than 1 year ago
This is an easy to read, fun adventure for fans of multiverses, science fiction and a dash of romance. Meimi wakes up to find herself in a hospital. Her memory is gone, especially of the couple who stares down at her, claiming to be her sponsor parents. But worse, her doctor is the evil government scientist that even her missing memory can't erase from her mind. She has no doubt that something is up, and it no doubt involves her special talents. When she again wakes to find herself in an almost prison-like room, the man finally tells her the secret plans. She is to develop a weapon, which might not even be possible to create, and that in 2 months. Not only that, but the weapon will wipe out several million undesirables, including her own mother. Meimi starts to come up with a plan to stop the madness, but it's almost an impossible task. Especially when there's a hulk of a guard who won't let her out of his sights and he appears to have secrets of his own. I read the two prequels of this series before hitting this novel, and I highly recommend other readers to do the same, since the backstory is necessary to fully dive in and enjoy this book. Action sits front and center in these pages, keeping descriptions short and excitement high. Meimi is a wonderful heroine. She has a heart of gold, is willing to do about anything for what she thinks is right, doesn't put herself first, and is a super amazing scientist. It's refreshing to see a kick-butt heroine who can be qualified as such thanks to her mind. And this doesn't kill her spunk or sass by any means. While the scenes are packed full of action and tension, humor flows right along with it. It's easy to notice that the author had fun writing this tale. The writing isn't deep but allows the story to simply come across in all of its adventure and fun. There is just enough character depth to draw in, but this isn't a book about deep thoughts and emotions. Although...there are definite sparks flying, at times. The romance is there, and while it's a bit of love-at-first-sight, this doesn't quite describe it either. There's enough tension and surprises on this end to keep those pages turning as well. More secrets unravel as the problems increase, and while some things are wrapped up by the end, enough new troubles arise to guarantee that this series won't fall into the trap of becoming a bore. In other words, I can't wait to see where this series goes next. I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed this adventure quite a bit. So, I'm leaving my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm not a big fan of alien books, but this one, I'm so glad I read! The prequels should be read before, so you have a better understanding of what's going on. But I absolutely loved this book!! I feel in love with Meimi and Thorne almost instantly. And what they have to go through and ascribe seemed impossible. But they make it work, despite the odds being built against them. And then the ending? Blown away!! I thought the story and plot was well thought out and kept me engrossed even after I finished the last page. I can't wait for the next installment.
BuriedUnderBooks More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars After this series’ prequels, Scythe and Umbra, I was pretty sure the first full-length novel would be a wild ride and so it is. Alien Minds delivers a punch on all levels—action, intrigue, and nefarious government activities—and it’s all at the core of masterful worldbuilding I’ve come to expect from Ms. Bauer. There’s romance, of course, between Meimi and Thorne, and I can’t say I was thrilled with that part but such things seem to be de rigueur in young adult fiction so I just go with the flow these days. Actually, neither of these two is in my list of 5 favorite characters but that’s okay because I really connected with their story if not them. Ms. Bauer has added in just the right amount of snide humor to make me chuckle in all the right places but, make no mistake, her core theme is one to beware of. It’s bad enough to be doing things at the government’s behest that don’t exactly sit well but how much worse is it to not remember enough of your past to understand how you came to be in such a situation? Meimi has misgivings almost from the moment she wakes up and is confronted with a man and woman purporting to be her parents and telling her she’s going to the ECHO Academy; once she gets there, all does not become clear and there’s this hunky guy, Thorne, telling her a simple kiss will bring back her memories. When she’s assigned to a special project, she bargains to have a few friends help her and, with her team, embarks upon a plan to escape…and do some damage while they’re at it. There are a few hiccups along the way but, all in all, Christina Bauer still has my attention and I’ll be waiting for the next Dimension Drift story.