Bill Gates

Bill Gates

by Marc Aronson


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naveensreedevan More than 1 year ago
bil gates like george bush is aliar and a dacoit . he has stolen codes from kildall. besides that microprocessor i what built the computer and that Japanese did for intel inc. this bstrd gates his parents were big shots in seattle and knew IBM management so he got a job there. A mediocre people whose interest is use others and loot others or swipe others producs and brand it as theirs. This will soon lose the entire business. the rpesent Ceo nadella from andhra is there as part of back2back deal with that fraud cm chandrabau Naidu nara. CIa link with Naidu: Check george bush sr website email the is 'nara'. got it? CIA connection. traitors these leaders or rather traitors will all be stripped once the truth about all the frauds done in the last hundred years is known to all -for that no science knowledge is needed. just search for 1. 911 -why it had to be demolished by 2007. a insider report. and traitor mayor julius 2. solar system nasa - all fake science sercet service will be shamed. those bufoons. Ther are many cover ups all will be clear then everyone can get going with their job in respect and then these bstrds gates, naidu bush willl beg for mercy -area51 is their final rsinece for ever. scmbags 3.