City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments Series #5)

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments Series #5)

by Cassandra Clare

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City of Lost Souls 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1533 reviews.
Ginger-Read-Reviews More than 1 year ago
First off, let us get this out of the way... City of Lost Souls is not as good as City of Bones, City of Ashes or City of Glass. Sorry. City of Lost Souls is better than City of Fallen Angels. You're welcome. The story picks up right where Fallen Angels left off. You remember? That horrific cliff hanger that the wonderful Ms. Clare made us all so angry with. Jace and Sebastian have vanished. Clary and the Scooby pals are distraught and the Clave has launched a search, though more for Sebastian than for Jace. The tale skips around from person to person quite often. You know what is happening with Clary, Simon, Izzy, Alec and Magnus, and even Maia and Jordan get good coverage. It became less and less the story of Clary & Jace the star-crossed lovers. It became everyone's story. Jace actually gets less play in this installment than any other. So, if you are a Jace fan (like me), you may be disappointed. I wasn't. Jace was obnoxious. I like him broody and egotistical. Not brain dead and carefree. Which is the effect Sebastian has on him. I was all right with the lack of Jace. On the other hand, if you are a Simon fan, you may get great satisfaction here. Simon was less whiny, in my opinion. Still just as hilarious as always. He is finding out where he belongs and with who (wink, wink), who cares for him, where his relationships lie and what his place in the Shadowhunter world is. Maybe he isn't the outsider he thought he was, only linked by his long friendship with Clary. I know there are many, many Magnus fans out there so he earns a mention, right? Magnus, as always, delivers. There seems to be no end to the sacrifices he is willing to make for this band of misfit demon killers. Especially where Alec is concerned. Or is there a limit? You'll have to read the book to find out what the heck I am talking about! There are so many love stories taking place simultaneously here, romance fans will be drooling over it. But, for me, that was the downfall. So much lovey lovey, not enough fight fight. I expected a big epic battle to save Jace's soul. There was a battle. It wasn't very epic. There was a moment that reminded me of the most memorable Buffy/Angel moment. I apologize to those who won't get the reference. But we will have to wait for City of Heavenly Fire for this epic battle. Since it is earmarked for release in spring of's going to be a long wait. All in all it's a good read for TMI fans. It actually renewed my love for the series and I think I will be revisiting each book before the release of the final installment.
enticed More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book! Bought it yesterday, finished it in a couple of hours later. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
honestlyleila More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adore this series and i truly thought that it was over after the city of glass but then cassandra clare came back with a whole new set of bad guys and plot twists and yet more reasons for clary and jace not to be together happily. This series is one of my top picks and this book will be in my bag the day it comes out!!!!!
JennRenaeMcCoy More than 1 year ago
In City of Lost Souls, there'll be hell to pay The Shadowhunters' world is in disarray. The reality is blurred between friends and foes, And in this game of anything goes. For Jace is lost and his will is on loan And if Clary's not careful, all will be blown. Will their love be strong enough to withstand The pain and destruction from Sebastian's hand? And then there is Simon, with the Mark of Cain, Will he be Heaven or Hell's, and can he be slain? And Isabelle Lightwood who stole Simon's heart, Will losing Max and then Jace tear her apart? And what about Alec who loves Magnus Bane, Is immortality possible for him to obtain? Or will he grow old and thus wither away, Perhaps he should bargain with the Queen of the Fae. To burn down the world is Sebastian's goal, But even more, he wants his sister's soul. To make her love him is his greatest need Through blood and death, will he succeed? Through broken hearts and minds and dangers untold, For fighting heaven and hell, they will pay tenfold. At the end of day, they must all stand and fight, Or else they fall victim to Sebastian's dark might. This is the BEST book in the Mortal Instruments series!!! I read it in one day, and then I went back and read and re-read my favorite parts--there were quite a few! I'm actually tempted to stop writing right now and go re-read them again!!! You know how there are certain moments that change your life? Well, reading City of Lost Souls was one of those ( much more than a moment, but still) moments! I was swept away into Cassie's world--if only I could live there permanently. most people who are going to read this book already love Cassie Clare and TMI, so I'm just going to go with a few reasons why you should read this RIGHT AWAY! (We'll do a countdown) 5. I love when the Fae interfere--I mean, they are just so cunningly evil! Anytime the Queen is around, you know you are in for something dark and twisty! 4. We get to see into Magnus's world! His world is quirky and fun, but with an air of mystery and danger. It divides the line between good and evil, and it's nice to ride that line with the warlock. Magnus has been in so many of Cassie's books, but I really love seeing him get personal in this one! 3. I love the world that Sebastian, Jace, and Clary get swept away in. I won't say much because it would be too spoilery, but there was so much grey there that I didn't know who to trust--and I didn't care! I just wanted more! 2. Sebastian is the absolute best villain ever! I mean--bold statement coming--I think I like him better than Voldemort! (Please don't strike me with a lightning bolt...) He's charming and sexy and manipulative, but I just can't help but have a weird crush on him! There is nothing better than a hot villain! 1. Jace--of course! Even though he's not the Jace we all remember, he is still to die for! He's just as sexy, just as scandalous--even more so because Sebastian's pulling the strings, and just as kick butt! I date you not to completely fall in love with him! So...if my wonderful poem didn't convince you and my wonderful countdown did not convince you, then I have to conclude that you are just crazy! May Jace's stele strike you down!
young-at-heartJS More than 1 year ago
Cassandra Clare does an awesome job keeping you guessing what will happen next...This is no exception..Will definitely keep on my best buy list for 2012.
Abby28 More than 1 year ago
Literally 2 pages into City of Bones was when I got obsessed. My favorite series for sure!!! I'm so excited but so sad that we have to wait another 7 months. I love how she writes; it's like you really love the romance parts (this is coming from a girl to a girl), and then in between you are forced to read the adventure and mystery and thrilling parts. ITS SO ADDICTING!! I absolutely loved it and read the first four in about 5 days. I suggested it to my cousin and he liked it a lot too. This book is really for any girl or guy looking for an exciting read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series is, by far, the BEST SERIES everrr !!!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITIEDDDD FOR IT TO COME OUTTTT !! cant wait to read more about jace
Nishes More than 1 year ago
I really love this series, I'm so excited to see that there's a 5th book on the way, it kills me that I have to wait until May to read it. I found the first book at my local library by random chance and I was hooked, from riding around to all the libraries in my area to get the next copy to waiting on lists for my chance to read it. I've bought em all now and I'd recommend it as a great read to anyone.
Miss_Reckless More than 1 year ago
Well done, Ms. Clare. I admit that I was not expecting it to be as good as it was because I was highly disappointed with City of Fallen Angels. The first three books were an exceptional trilogy and after the fourth book, I felt that she should have ended it there. After reading City of the Lost Souls, I changed my mind. I am so deeply attached to this series because of the complexity and likableness of all of the characters. There was a variety of point of views including Maia, Isabelle, Simon, Clary, Jace, Sebastian, Alec and Magnus...I was very impressed with the plot. I am also a huge Jace Lightwood fan so for you Jace fans out will be pleased that he is in the book more. There is also plenty of Magnus and Alec (WHO I LOVE) and some other couples that I will let you figure out for yourself.... There are terrifying scenes, hilarious scenes, beautiful fluffy scenes and heart-wrenching scenes. Although it is not as good as her first three books and almost acts as a filler for the last book that I am highly anticipating. A war is coming....which side are you on? ;) The novel is long and enthralling....a must read for Mortal Instruments fans. I cannot wait for the climatic ending in the last book!!!!!!!!! (Rating: 3.5 stars)
7hir7een More than 1 year ago
City of Lost Souls picks up directly where City of Fallen Angels left off, with Jace on the rooftop and the ensuing plot thickening. For those of you who don’t know, The Mortal Instruments series was originally intended to be a trilogy. Cassandra Clare decided to extend the series to six novels, so the last three book are a sort of quasi-second-trilogy. I bring up these possibly confusing and seemingly pointless facts because I was somewhat concerned City of Lost Souls would suffer from middle-book-itis, wherein the plot and character development serve only to drive the overreaching arcs forward and set us up for the final run. I am pleased to say that I did not get that feeling from this book. Although it does serve its purpose to set the story up for the finale, the novel does so much more. We see new sides of characters we’ve either never seen or only caught glimpses of before. Sebastian, although he is clearly supposed to be the bad guy, is so much more interesting than just a stock villain figure. The changes in Jace are intriguing and cause quite a quandry for Clary. Clare also plays with the characters and their relationships. And I don’t mean just Clary and Jace. While this book is about them, it is just as much about the secondary characters. I particularly enjoyed the developments between Isabella and Simon, Jordan and Maia, and of course, Alec and Magnus. City of Lost Souls dredges up lots of character development through dealing with tough issues. Isabella must come to terms with being vulnerable if she wishes to experience love, Alec must come to terms with his mortality and Magnus’s lack of same, and Clary must repeatedly decide between her principles and the love of her life (though not just in the way that first comes to mind). Self-discovery through trial-and-error, angst and sundry tribulations is something that young adult fiction is exceedingly good at and well known for. City of Lost Souls is a great and enjoyable example. There are so many feelings in this book, and I love it. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Mortal Instruments novels and/or The Infernal Devices, I would not hesitate to pick up this book. I can’t tell you much about it without giving major plot spoilers, but I can tell you that Clare has written a solid novel here, and I await City of Heavenly Fire with much eagerness to see how it all ends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cassandra clare is an AMAZING auther!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was introduced to this series after reading Clockwork Angel of hers and I couldn't wait for Clockwork Prince to be released (can't wait for that either!) So I read this series and after the third book I thought it was over but she came out with the fourth in the series and it was really good, the characters are different almost and still progressing and a few new ones were introduced and new antagonists were introduced so I can't wait to see what will happen with them. Also the last book ended on a cliff hanger so this book better come out soon! :) This series would be for people who are looking for an adventure, kind of action-y book with some romance and humor thrown in. (Read the first four first, though. :) )
HeavenlyFire77 More than 1 year ago
OMG This Book Is Amazing! I just finished reading and let me just say that it is one of the best books I have ever read. The writing is phenomenal, the story is so awesome and the present danger that Clary, Jace and the rest face is very scary. We get to see inside the twisted mind of Jonathan (Sebastian) and the crazy feelings he has for Clary also we get to see his future plans for the shadowhunter race. All in all the book made me cry my eyes out, want to run in the woods and hide, laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe, agonize over the pain the characters felt, and conspire new theories about what happens next in the books. We also uncover new details about the Infernal Devices, ecspecially the fate of a few personal and prized momentos. I love this book and I am pretty sure that you will too! I KNEW JACE HAD WINGS!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This series combines action, love, and suspense all in one book to thewhole intire series. The series is absolutly amazing i recomend to to all my friends. And they always coming back to me and say man you were right this series is amazing!!!! I am so addicted now. So if you want a romance novel filled with action and suspence this is your book!
kristinja73 More than 1 year ago
Yes, I finally finished City of Lost Souls! And, lives up to every other novel I've read by Cassandra Clare. She is such an amazing author with an awe-inspiring ability to pull readers into the story where they fight, love, and suffer along with the characters. Her talent to write complex and lovable (even when they shouldn't be) characters continues to astound me. And world building...well, no one does it better in YA literature. I'm also relieved to say, I didn't feel the need to throw the book across the room when I finished reading it like I did Clockwork Prince. Thank goodness. I might have actually stopped reading Cassie's books if she'd tortured me again. Okay, that's a lie. I would have to finish reading her books because, ultimately, I'm nosy and also, I hold out hope that things will end my way. LOL. So, without giving too much away, let's do a short summary of City of Lost Souls. Of course, if you read City of Fallen Angels, you know that Sebastian is holding Jace captive and he's plotting something huge. I mean, when isn't Sebastian plotting to take over the world or something just as equally appalling? I have to say, there were points during this story when I wanted to root for Sebastian. I wanted him to do the right thing. I'm a dreamer at heart and I do love to root for the underdog. Sebastian is an excellent chameleon, camouflaging his true intentions until precisely the right moment. I believe he loves his sister, in the only way he knows how. AND...yes, I still believe this after finishing the novel. Jace is, well...Jace. His connection with Sebastian transforms him into a different person during his journey between worlds. He appears carefree and happy while under Sebastian's influence and occasionally I enjoyed seeing him in this light. I think there were times Clary enjoyed this side also, even though she knew he wasn't the real Jace. Now, while the possessed Jace was fun, nothing compares to the brooding, snarky, and sexy Jace. Nothing. You get to see everyone work together in the fifth installment of The Mortal Instruments. Magnus, Alec, Izzie, Simon, Jordan, and Mia. They all come together in an effort to save Jace and, ultimately, Clary. Magnus still remains as one of my all time favorite literary heroes and not just because he's quirky and magical. He literally does everything for the person he loves, including summoning demons and angels to save someone he doesn't even necessarily like or dislike. Magnus helps Simon, Izzie, Clary, and Jace because they are important to Alec...not for any other reason. That's true love, people. While chatting with one of my besties over at Starbooks, we discussed Alec's actions in City of Lost Souls. He does some things that are questionable at best, if not downright childish. He's so young in comparison to Magnus and you begin to see where this will be the downfall of their relationship if Alec does not mature greatly. I'm still holding out hope here too. And, Izzie and Simon? Well, let's just it already! Seriously! City of Lost Souls is another of Cassie's famously captivating and emotional roller-coaster ride of a book. Readers should be warned, Cassie pulls no punches with her writing and once your hooked, there's no returning. Ever! I love that I don't always see through her storylines like I do with so many other authors. I might think something's not quite right, but I can never pin-point exactly what's off and then when everyth
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fell in love with this series from chapter 1 and can NOT wait fot the next one....thies series will keep you at the edge and begging for MORE!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a hard core fan of the mortal instruments infernal devices series! Anyone who like harry potter, hunger games, and similar sekections should read. I cannot wait for the cover and book nd then the movies! Jamie campbel-bower will be jace if you had not heard.
Alyssa_Dolence1 More than 1 year ago
 Once again Cassandra Clare continues the Award winning series, The Mortal Instruments, with another beautiful installment.  City of Lost Souls not only meets your expectations, but blows your mind and keeps you glued to the pages while doing so.  With City of Class ending how it did, I was ready for heartbreak and plot twists. I wasn't disappointed.  City of Lost Souls picks back up with the verdict of the committee trying to find Jace, we're in Clary's point of view. When Jace is thought untraceable, Magnus pulls through - like usual - and the plot increases from there. I'm an avid reader and a Mortal Instruments enthusiast, but this book would be entertaining for even those who despise reading.  Cassandra Clare really knows how to twist your emotions and leaves you clinging on to the book at the end begging for finality -- in a good way.  I've read City of Lost Souls approximately 10 times cover to cover and every time I read it I find something else I love about it. Buy the book. Buy the series. Seriously, it'll be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
Ashliecat More than 1 year ago
The first three books of The Mortal Instruments are amazing; however, this book was significantly disappointing to me as the plot became very predictable to me and the character's love lives became way too annoying. Once again, Clary almost dies to save Jace, and once again, she barely succeeds by giving her last ounce of energy towards the "Save Jace" cause. Really, I would not pay $50 for this book at all, but would pay $12, just to finish reading the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
---- This is a spoiler alert ---- Omg , i have been waiting for this book to come out for long time and it was worth the wait ! I could not put this book own , it was so good. In the beginning of the book, Clary and everyone finds out that Sebastian has took Jace with him to pursue his evil plans. And everyone was thinking that he was dead but Clary couldmt believe it so she went to the library at the institute , and she had to steal some rings for the queen to help her find Jace. Everyone at the institute is gone. I think they were at a party or something. Low and behold , when shes trying to get the rings. She finds Sebastian and Jace below her. She looks at Jace and immediatley knows something is up because Jace was acting like Sebastians best friend. So he hears her bro Sebastian say that this institute is going to be theirs and all this crap. So they left , Clary got the rings Nyway. She tells isabelle amd everyome of what she saw and their beginning to think that sebastian is controlling Jace. So then clary was at lukes house and in the morning when she wakes up , jace is next to her and they kissed and stuff and he was asking her to come wid him and sebastian saying that sebastian is good. So mow Clary really knows something is up and shes like im goinng to kill him. Jace was like sying if he bleeds , i bleed. So sebastian was in the house too and Jocelyn cuut sebastian. Clary looked at jace and he was bleeding too on the same spot. So now shes like telling her mom that he needs to stop bcause shes going to kill jace as well. Then , i think sebastian hurt luke real bad that his pack had to heal him. Clary tells Simon that she has a plan to escape magnus`s house and go find jace. They agree. And she givss him a ring that he czn contact wid her. Jace finds her and she goes wid him. Then sebastian acts like the good guy saying he wants to save the shadowhunters. And clary believes him a little. Then jace gets back to himself for a while necause the rune wore off. And he tells her that he rather die then carry on wat hes doing Nd he tells her that sebastian is going to make another mortal cup and make evil shdowhunters and conquer the world. Then they get all gooey wid eachother D he goes back to his normal self. Simon , had to summom an angel to get a special sword to reattach Jace from Sebstian without jace getting hurt. Later things get freaky. Sebastian gets all coo coo wid her saying he likes her when hes her bro ! They get in this huge bloody fight. And in the end they got jace back but he still has something from the sword in him tht will burn someome. Amd sebastian is not dead. Maia and jordan are together ! Jordan admitted his feelings and they ended up being all gooey wit eachother :) im so haply for them. And oh , luke got better too. Overall, this book deserves 5 stars because it kept me reading constantly. I love Clary and Jace. :) theirs going to be another book out , i forget whats it called. But i went on cassandra clares site amd its coming out on 2014. O.o WHY !!!! HAHA. Im defimitley reading this book again, no doubt. THIS IS A MUST READ. I love this series. Its my favorite. <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just cant wait until this book comes out. Cassandra Clare is one of the best author of this generation. Please May come fast we need to read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why can't it be released sooner?! D: Only a month until Clockwork Prince, though! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just adore this book and the entire series! I thank Cassandra Clare for spending her time writing her books for her fans! I can not wait to finally read the concluding book City of Heavenly Fire! Let the Jace and Clary relationship live on!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If i can rate this book any higher would. This is by far one of the best series have ever read. I love Magnus Bane! LOVE how he doesnt care what others think amd he's a fun guy! I love clary and jaces romance. Omg its a crazy one! Maia and jordan are totally ment for each other. Isabelle and Simon ARE TOO CUTE! GEEK AND FIGHTER! AHHHH i litterly was on the verge of tears when Magnus left alec. It was to sad. sebastion os driving me nuts i mean just DIE ALREADY AND STOP MESSING WITH JACE AND CLARY!!! LIKE ITS DRIVING ME NUT OVA HERE! anywho i am soooooooo pumped for City of heavenly fire!! Yay i have to wait a year but i will wait! This is the best romantic adventurous thrilling action packed fantasbook you will ever read in your life. I WOULD LOVE TO BE A WARLOCK :) or a shadowhunter but ya know warlocks r magical! I <3 SHADOWHUNTERS! PUMPED FOR THE MOVIE! AHHHH JACE AND CLARY ARE THE BEST COUPLE EVER CREATED! KOUDOS TO CASSANDRA CLAEE AN HER AWESOME WORK! # AWESOME - FROM the warlock in paris :) Monica Cairstairs (my made up name)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cassandra Clare truly has a gift , ive never known anyone to be such a talented and clever writer . Its amazing how she made all those twist and turns . This author kept me on the edge of my seat and I cant wait to find out more about Clary and Jace ! Absolutely my favorite book in the Mortal Instruments series!