The Queen of Nothing (Signed B&N Exclusive Book) (Folk of the Air Series #3)

The Queen of Nothing (Signed B&N Exclusive Book) (Folk of the Air Series #3)

by Holly Black

Hardcover(Signed Edition)

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The Queen of Nothing 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 37 reviews.
Lightning Luxray 21 days ago
I loved it I really did but 250 pages isn't enough to flesh out these characters who need more depth to them like why did Taryn kill Locke yeah we got a explanation but just more could have been said about it then she also just disappears from the book afterwards and has no important parts in the story. Oak does nothing but say he doesn't want to be king the whole time so he's not important. Overall I loved it but it just needed some more to it to make it perfect
Anonymous 3 months ago
Perhaps I was looking forward to this book too much. While I cannot claim disappointment (thanks to the absence of previous cliffhangers), I can't claim to be overwhelmed by the seeming conclusion to this story. Maybe that is due to the brevity of the book? After all, it's nearly impossible to develop character arcs in a mere 250 pages (I read it in just a few short hours). Mostly, it just felt hollow. The previous chemistry between characters was no where to be found. The long anticipated love scene between Jude and her prince was so abrupt I nearly laughed out loud. The storyline of Viv and her girlfriend Heather should have been deleted rather than the short shrift they received. Three stars because it was wrapped up with a pretty now in the end. And now.....I patiently await the fan fiction which I hope gives Jude, Cardan, Madoc, and all the others the complexity and depth they richly deserve.
Anonymous 3 months ago
So, Jude was intelligent and clever and witty....until this book? I'm so confused as to why she seemed to have stepped back as a character through half of this book. (heartbroken...I get it)however the ending really showed how all the characters grew from their experiences even though it was too wrapped up and neat. I expected more blood, fighting, action (though she got me crying. my poor Cardan!)the conclusion felt rushed and I desperately wanted more, yet it was good. very good.I love Jude and Cardan. I love them to death and hopefully, we will have a spin off where their kids are just as schemy and wild as they personal thoughts on some controversial issues with the abortion/adoption part....I wasn't a fan of it. and I personally didn't care for Vivi attitude towards her gf. she needed space! stop texting Vi! I finished it quickly and now my heart is sad.
Mel-Loves-Books 5 months ago
“Let me have everything I ever wanted, everything I ever dreamed, and eternal misery along with it.” I have been undone by each of the books of The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black, but Queen of Nothing might be the one that hit me the most. It was an intense ride. The book length looked disappointing when I received it, especially considering all that I felt Holly Black had to wrap up, but she used every one of those pages and the book fully lived up the story’s potential. I give it all my broken hearts and it is definitely a five star read. “By you, I am forever undone.”
Debbie Kreiner 8 days ago
Crazy surprises and great ending! Enjoyed the fast pace.
Emily Paspy 17 days ago
Enjoyed everything about this book.
Chris Coleman 21 days ago
LittleBoyBlue 21 days ago
One of my favorite book series on my list. I would not change one bit of this book and all the questions I need answers too. If anyone needs a book to help rewind from the human world, then this book will put you in a gease.
Virginia Edwards 23 days ago
The series was enjoyable. The writer understood how to keep the story moving and the characters were well developed and intriguing.
Denise Whalen 3 months ago
Excellent end to the series a must read
Anonymous 3 months ago
the Queen of Faerie never disappoints.
TattooedBibliophile 3 months ago
"Maybe it isn't the worst thing to want to be loved, even if you're not. Maybe being human isn't always being weak." Jude finds her way back to Elfhame and back into the Game of Thrones. Only to discover that she could have come back a long time ago. Now she has to defend her throne against her step father and the throng of fae who will not accept a mortal queen. But per the prophecy, whose blood must be spilled for a great ruler to arise? "Some prophecies are fulfilled by the very actions taken to prevent them." I particularly liked that quote because it sums up basically every prophecy in every book ever written! While the ending was somewhat satisfying, I felt that the plot as a whole was lacking in surprise. I expected a major plot twist, or a betrayal at the very least, not just a clear misunderstanding and a war that we knew was coming. It was predictable in most ways, but in others it could have stood quite a bit more explanation. If you've not read it, please be alerted that I will now delve into some spoilers, so SKIP THE SPOILERS BELOW! *SPOILERS* Here are questions I was left with after reading the book: What, exactly, was in Cardan's letters? This seems like a crucial part of the book, but only the Barnes and Noble special edition contains the letters. Some googling should yield what you need. How did Cardan's death as a serpent turn him into a gloriously glowing king? We need more information here! Did he see an afterlife? Was there a prophesy that foretold of a sacrifice? He just kind of magically is resurrected and we don't know why or how, which was highly irritating. Why was Jude working for the fae, but not living as one? The book clearly states that they could have easily glamoured their way into a place to live for free. Jude is merciless, and I find it hard to understand why she doesn't use their advantages in the human world. Locke's murder was extremely uncharacteristic of Taryn's character. It's very loosely explained and doesn't make sense at all. There could have been a number of ways the writer could have written this into her actual character instead of just throwing it out there like a crime of passion, so it felt far too convenient. I cannot understand how Jude's father would just accept his fate. As a redcap, it seems like her sentence would be worse than death to him. His death seemed one of the things that would have to happen for the story to conclude. He did murder Jude's true parents. Jude is not immortal, but Cardan is. So we should have had some sort of explanation, or even question, as to how that's going to work. We know that Jude has some magic tied to the land. We don't know how far that goes. Will she remain alive as long as Cardan and her hold the throne? Or will she age and die and leave him alone? Why do I seem to be the only one asking this question? *SPOILERS OVER* This may be the first time I've ever said this, but this book could have used another 100 pages. There were so many questions left unanswered, and the story was quite a bit shorter than the other two. It made me wonder if anyone is actually editing this book, or if Holly Black has locked up the rights to that too! ;) 3 stars. The finale should always be the best in the series, but that was not the case here.
Jdp15 3 months ago
Loved it!
Anonymous 3 months ago
i enjoyed all three books inmensely.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I really did like the ending I hope in a side story or something we can get Cardan trying out mortal things for the first time.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I've absolutely loved this trilogy, but this last book felt rushed. I was hoping for just more of everything. I expected a bigger and longer battle scene, Madoc being a relentless warrior to the end instead of just surrendering, and more of the love story with Cardan and Jude. It seemed like Holly rushed to the happy ending. I am grateful not to lose any of my favorites in the series, but wanted just more in the finale.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I'm upset there are not anymore books. I hope the author makes another story about them in the future with kids.
Anonymous 3 months ago
As usual in this series, the plot twists and turns had my palms sweaty and heart racing! Very satisfying end to a great series.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Could not have asked for a more beautiful ending to such a beautifully written series. Captivating and inviting, daring and heartbreaking. Loved every minute of being immersed in this world!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Oh my god this was so fabulous! What a great series! I do not want it to end!! Please Holly Black write more!!! This great world has many more stories in it waiting to be told!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Great ending to a great book! Loved the series
Anonymous 3 months ago
this whole series felt rushed and fell flat for me. the dialogue was laughable..
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
I found myself falling in love with Jude and Cardan through this series. Holly Black has created a beautiful world that I want to spend more time in.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Amazing!! Love this series!