The Whispers

The Whispers

by Greg Howard

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Customer Reviews

The Whispers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
JOSHUA JOHNSON 22 days ago
Best book ever and keeps you up all night flipping the pages!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I haven't read a book in a while but this is the best book that I read in my own spare time. I had to choose a book for my book project to read and none of the books in my school's library seemed interesting. So I asked my teacher if I can bring my own book to read. He said yes so I decided to read The Whispers. While I was reading it I was confused if Riley was a boy or a girl but when I read the back it said Riley was a boy. I thought this whole time Riley was a girl because at some certain points of the book, but honestly when I was done reading the book. It was a good confused it made me predict what was going to happen. Usually, I really don't predict towards the end but this book made me predict and interested the entire time. I also can connect to this book. I use my imagination all the time. Sometimes I don't really like reality and my imagination helps me with that. Now that I started on my book project, I am using this app called Gacha Life to make the characters and talk about how much I love this book.
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely got swept away in this children’s book and whether it was the Whispers, the hobgoblin, Riley’s “own condition” or the way Riley tried to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s disappearance, I had Riley’s back. Since his mother’s disappearance, Riley’s life has gone off course and he’s the only one who can get it back where it belongs. They think Riley knows more about the day his mother disappeared and even though he tries to remember, he can’t remember much about that day. One day she was here and the next day, she had vanished. Riley is determined to solve this mystery and he’s determined to call upon the Whispers, to help him. He’s been told that these fairies, need a tribute so they can do their magic and Riley is more than happy to provide them with one, if they can magically bring back his mother. Riley and his dog, Tucker are quite the pair and when they go out hunting for the Whispers, my heart melted. It was their anticipation as they got ready to embark on this journey, then it was the hope and the journey itself, as the two of them traveled out together, that swept me away. Riley is wrestling with many issues besides the disappearance of this mother right now. Things are stacking up and the pile is getting bigger: he’s trying to keep his sheets dry at night, his father is becoming more distant from him, Riley is getting tired of being bullied at school because of his “condition,” and now, he’s been told about the hobgoblin, the one who lives in the trees, where the Whispers live. The Whispers, the only help that Riley feels he has and now, they are shadowed by a hobgoblin? I really enjoyed this novel a great deal. It was a great mystery, fantasy, and adventure book. I thought it emotional read as Riley dealt with his own feelings and the events in his life. This book actually gave me the shivers a few times as some of the events occurring in it, surprised me. I highly recommend it.
trispey1525 More than 1 year ago
If it is possible for your heart to be broken and filled at the same time, this is the book that will do it. Riley has to be the sweetest 11-year-old ever written into a book. He is not perfect and he knows it, but he tries really hard to be good so people will like him. He is a little boy that is dealing with many struggles from the mystery of his missing mother to understanding his attraction to other boys. His imagination takes him on a journey of discovery that reveals more truth than one little boy can handle all at once. From his love for words to his smile that will light up the page, I know you will fall in love with Riley just like I did. This is an excellent addition to any middle grade book collection!