Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay Series #8)

Wrapped Up in You (Heartbreaker Bay Series #8)

Audio CD(Unabridged)

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Wrapped Up in You 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
lenorewastaken 21 days ago
4.5 stars — I actually really loved this one! I don’t know if it’s just because I’m finding I really love Erin Mallon’s narration, and that’s what set it over the top, or if it was the story, with it’s humour and heartbreak and depth…or more likely it was all of the above. So we’ll start with Ms. Mallon’s narration — as with every other time I’ve listened to her, she brings so much emotion and depth to the performance. And not just that, but subtle things…she truly performs the piece. The thing I found interesting is that this book *is* actually dual POV, but Ms. Mallon does ALL of the narration. Which I wondered how I would like, but I actually really loved it! I think part of that is because I really enjoy Ms. Mallon’s male voices. And she does a pretty good job of having subtle differences between all the different characters. So that brings us to the story, and our two characters, Ivy and Kel. Honestly, I found it interesting how much I fell for these two, because they are SERIOUSLY flawed…and I don’t really have a lot in common with either one, but particularly Ivy. But Ms. Shalvis writes her characters in a way that you can’t help but connect. I felt so much for what both of them have been through. And even if they made boneheaded decisions from time to time, I believed it when they made their way back to one another from them. Ivy was fiery, snarky, guarded, but vulnerable. I loved her passion and drive. I wanted all the good things to happen for her. And even if her soft heart got her into trouble, I appreciated that about her. Kel was forthright, upfront, unafraid of who he was (in some ways), and so sweet and protective. I was frustrated with him in his stubbornness, but he found his way eventually. It was gratifying how these two guarded souls saw one another. And OMG, their chemistry was amazing…from the fun dates they had to the steamy scenes, I was invested in all of it. I haven’t read all the books in this series yet, so I’ve missed some of the secondary characters stories (and will definitely be going back to check them out), but that didn’t stop me from loving the “cast” moments. That’s one of the strong aspects of this series, is how we get to see them all hanging out and supporting one another. So yeah. Definite Christmas success. Can’t wait to check out a few more when I have the time!
Claire140 3 months ago
As usual another wonderful feeling book in the Heartbreaker Bay series. I just love this series, all the characters are just such a tight-knit bunch that are always there for each other and you really want to be friends with! This time it's Ivy's story. Ivy runs a food truck selling tacos and always tries to keep to herself, having had a hard upbringing. She finds it easier to lie about her family so people don't feel sorry for her. She's always moved around but has finally settled in San Francisco and is saving hard for an apartment. Kel is a Sheriff in Idaho and cousin of Caleb (one of the previous books and part of 'the gang') and is visiting after being signed off work after his dirty partner tried to run him over to prevent herself being caught (that didn't work!). They both have family trust issues - Ivy has an absent mother, doesn't know her father, has a brother who's always in trouble, and Kel - Mother left him and his sister with grandparents on their ranch in Idado when they were young after their father died. Kel's sister has forgiven their mother and moved on (married/has a baby/currently pregnant), who also lives in San Francisco, but Kel hasn't, even though he bumps into his Mother unexpectedly and she keeps hoping he'll listen to her reasons why she left and finally forgive him. So Ivy and Kel are quite similiar in their family. Then Ivy's truck gets broken into, then her apartment, and she goes on high alert as something isn't quite right, and Kel of course has her back the whole time. Her waste of space brother of course reappears and is in trouble, yet again, and Ivy gets caught up in the middle of it, but again Kel is around looking out for her, but it does get very messy. There's is such a lovely vibe between Ivy and Kel, both have been hurt in the past and have protective shells around them, but bring out the best in each other recognising kindred spirits. And as usual this book, and all this series and Jill Shalvis books, are a mixture of funny, snarky and emotional, absolutely perfect. There's also a wonderful big sigh of happiness ending! Loved it!
CCholger 4 months ago
Ivy and Kel have a beautiful connection and are much more alike than it seems on the surface. I loved watching them slowly come to this realization through the course of this story. Unfortunately, that realization comes after they blow each other’s worlds apart with their mistrust. While they both tugged at my heartstrings, I really felt for Ivy. Kel had a rough time of it growing up, but he also had a lot of family who loved him. Ivy didn’t have much of anyone. Her mom was never around and moved them all around the country and her brother was always getting into trouble. She really had to learn independence at a young age and has worked hard for all she has. There are many reasons Kel doesn’t trust easily, all of them legitimate. But Ivy’s life to this point does not lend itself to being fully truthful. Therein lies the problem that will weave its way throughout this story. The author does a wonderful job with the push/pull this couple has with their trust issues. The tone she sets really helped me immerse myself in the feelings they both had swirling around. When the climax happens, and that trust is inevitably broken, Ivy had me in tears. Not only with the confrontation between her and Kel, but also the cleansing chat she has with her girlfriends. Everyone needs a group of friends like those at Cow’s Hollow. I always look forward to this author’s books. Be it women’s fiction or contemporary romance, she brings the emotions to the page in a spectacular fashion.
Karen4Cowboys 4 months ago
Jill Shalvis Wrapped Up In You -- It is always a joy to return to Jill Shalvis’ popular series Heartbreaker Bay, full of romance and wonderful characters. The story begins with Ivy snow, who leads a wanderlust life, never able to settle down until she arrives in Cow Hollow where she buys and runs the best taco truck in Cow Hollow. She then meets Kel O’Donnell, a small-town sheriff from Idaho on a medically leave. He is immediately attracted to Ivy, but feels she is keeping secrets and wants to help her. Throughout the story is focused on their attraction amidst a tight group of friends. They always show up to love and support for Ivy and Kel. It’s a wonderful story of the power of forgiveness, letting go of the past while moving on to a new future with endless possibilities.
LibrarianSGP 4 months ago
This is a really weak entry in the otherwise delightful series. The relationship was full of many of the standard tropes, and neither main character was very strong or appealing. The whole romance was rushed, especially given how damaged each of them was. The constant kickboxing scenes, especially with the addition of Tina’s trite motivational sayings, got old really fast, and even moreso when they were used as chapter headings. A better title would have been Kickboxed to Christmas.” Forgettable and phoned in. I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Avon through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This was another great story in this series! It was very heartwarming and a lovely love story too!
KathyJinEllicottCity 5 months ago
This is the eight book in the Heartbreaker Bay series. It is a great story about love and family. I really enjoy Jill Shalvis’ books and found this story heartwarming and fun. The characters are well developed and it was great to see some of the characters from previous books. The pace of the story was excellent, I loved it from page one. Overall a great read!
Anonymous 5 months ago
The stories in this series are ALL great reads. Ivy & Kel's story is no exception. Enjoyed the journey to their HEA!
perriknows 7 months ago
Kell O’Donnell from the Animal Magnetism series AND the backdrop of San Francisco’s Heartbreaker Bay; Plus, all the fabulous people we’ve come to know and love? Yes, please! Ivy Snow is slowing making a name for herself as a taco truck entrepreneur! She must let her past go and look forward. If that means leaving out bits of her history, well that’s fine with her. Kell O’Donnell, rancher and Sheriff, is visiting/helping his cousin in San Francisco while recovering from an injury. His past has made him wary of half-truths and prevarication. Ivy with secrets she feels she must keep, and Kell wanting an open and honest relationship, are drawn to each other. Their pasts make forming a relationship unlikely, but their hearts don’t seem to be able to listen. I love the Heart Breaker Bay series. Jill Shalvis is able to reach right into her characters and draw out their stories. I can’t wait for the next book!