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Title: I Feel Pretty
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Title: Glamorous Life, Not So Glamorous, Author: Rocelia (Glam) Mac
Title: The Darkest Tunnel, Author: Ernie Glam
Title: M.O.B., Author: E-Glam
Title: Destiny Board: Vision Board Upgraded Faith Activated, Author: Sonija Pelton-Sam (The GLAM Coach)
Title: How to Create A GLAMTASTIC Destiny Vision Board: GLAMTASTIC Destiny Vision Boards are activated by Faith to push you into your DESTINY now!!!, Author: Sonija Pelton-Sam (The GLAM Coach)
Title: Bruised But Not Broken, Author: Sheyvette Denise Dinkens
Title: Pumpky Pumpkin and His Funky Friends: A story about: prej-u-dice: (a negative opinion formed without enough facts), Author: Dana 'glam-Ma' Marks
Title: Women Empower, Author: Stella Ambrosio
Title: Dressing the Monster: Party clothes for the club kid killer, Author: Ernie Glam
Title: 69 Hangovers: New York City Nightclubbing in 2016, Author: Ernie Glam