Title: When a Guitar Plays the Blues [Compilation], Artist: Roy Lee Johnson
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Title: Incidents in the Life of A B-25 Pilot, Author: Roy Lee Grover
Title: Connecting to the Best of God, Author: Roy Lee
Title: Poetry by Simon: Volume 2: Circle of Life - The VERSHELLE CATO Experience, Author: Roy Lee
Title: Poetry by Simon: Volume 1: Family Foundations, Author: Roy Lee ''Simon'' Jarmon
Title: The Killing of the Miracle Worker, Author: Bishop Roy Lee Davis
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Title: Daddy, When I Grow Up Will My Vote Count?, Author: Roy Lee Brown
Title: Poetry by Simon: God's Blessing My Jamaican
Title: Poetic Paragraphs: Message to the Youth, Author: Roy Lee Little JR
Title: Milton Brown and the Founding of Western Swing, Author: Cary Ginell
Title: The Coal Measures Amphibia of North America, Author: Roy Lee Moodie