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Title: Susanna's Midnight Ride: The Girl Who Won the Revolutionary War, Author: Libby Carty McNamee
Title: Sidewalk Story, Author: Sharon Bell Mathis
Title: Brighton One Star's Journey to Shine, Author: Diane Carty Speicher
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Title: Where Did The Sun Go?: The Great American Total Solar Eclipse, Author: Misty Carty
Title: A Tree for Tompkins Park, Author: Dawn C. Thomas
Title: Why Are There Seasons?, Author: Misty Carty
Title: Windigos Howling: A Sierra Reitar Mystery, Author: Jannifer Gregory
Title: O. Whillikers in the Hall of Champions, Author: Jay Carty
Title: Where Is The Moon?, Author: Misty Carty
Title: Christmas in Vermont: Three Stories, Author: Margaret F. Carty
Title: The House on the Mountain, Author: Eleanor Lowenton Clymer
Title: Discontinued 11/17/05, Author: Michelle Carty
Paperback $3.26 $3.49 Current price is $3.26, Original price is $3.49.
Title: I Love Gram, Author: Ruth A. Sonneborn
Title: Where Does the Day Go?, Author: Walter Dean Myers
Title: Racing to the Finish: The Olympic Sport of Triathlon, Author: Michelle Carty
Title: Max Shares His Heart: Max's Story, Author: Connie Versagi
Title: Can You See Me With Your Heart: Max's Story, Author: Connie Versagi