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Title: Ladybug, Ladybug: And Other Favorite Poems, Author: Cricket Magazine Group
Title: Everybody Eats Lunch, Author: Cricket Azima
Title: The Colonel, his cats, and their sister Sassy Sam, Author: Cricket Coddington
Title: Petunia Luckens and the Perfectly Pleasant Day, Author: Cricket Strom
Title: WHO did it? WHO created earth and heaven?, Author: Cricket Chatfield
Title: The Right to Be Safe: Putting an End to Bullying Behavior, Author: Cricket Meehan
Title: When the Monarchs Fly, Author: Robert Myers
Title: Viper Force: 56th Fighter Wing--To Fly and Fight the F-16, Author: John M. Dibbs
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Title: It Isn't Easy Being A Unicorn, Author: Cricket Ali