Title: How to Read the Constitution--and Why, Author: Kim Wehle
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Title: Just in Time for Christmas, Author: Kim Boykin
Title: Bucked Off, Author: Kim Loraine
Title: Roped Tight, Author: Kim Loraine Pre-Order Now
Title: Waking Up in His Royal Bed, Author: Kim Lawrence Pre-Order Now
Title: A Valentine's Proposal: A Clean Romance, Author: Kim Findlay Pre-Order Now
Title: A Good Family, Author: A.H. Kim
Title: Ridden Hard, Author: Kim Loraine
Title: Dead Witch Walking (Hollows Series #1), Author: Kim Harrison
Title: The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (Hollows Series #2), Author: Kim Harrison
Title: Every Which Way but Dead (Hollows Series #3), Author: Kim Harrison
Title: Red Mars, Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Title: Claiming His Unknown Son, Author: Kim Lawrence
Title: Sudden Backtrack: A Hollows Short, Author: Kim Harrison
Title: The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Author: Kim Edwards
Title: The Spaniard's Surprise Love-Child, Author: Kim Lawrence
Title: Suicide Squad (1987-) #65, Author: John Ostrander
Title: Unbound, Author: Kim Harrison
Title: Though I Stumble (A Promises of God Novel, #1), Author: Kim Cash Tate
Title: A Perfect Blood with Bonus Material, Author: Kim Harrison

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