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Title: Oxford Textbook of Sleep Disorders / Edition 1, Author: Sudhansu Chokroverty
Title: The Systems View of Life: A Unifying Vision, Author: Fritjof Capra
Title: Thyroid Diseases: Clinical Fundamentals and Therapy / Edition 1, Author: Fabrizio Monaco
Title: Proceedings of 5th International Conference on the Industry 4.0 Model for Advanced Manufacturing: AMP 2020, Author: Lihui Wang
Title: Advanced Test Methods for SRAMs: Effective Solutions for Dynamic Fault Detection in Nanoscaled Technologies / Edition 1, Author: Alberto Bosio
Title: Modelling, Estimation and Control of Networked Complex Systems / Edition 1, Author: Alessandro Chiuso
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Title: Diagnostica per immagini dell'apparato urogenitale / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Grazioli
Title: Magnetic Nanostructures in Modern Technology: Spintronics, Magnetic MEMS and Recording / Edition 1, Author: Bruno Azzerboni
Title: Bio-inspired Emergent Control Of Locomotion Systems, Author: Mattia Frasca
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Title: Cognition of the Law: Toward a Cognitive Sociology of Law and Behavior, Author: Luigi Cominelli
Title: Stem Cell-Based Tissue Repair / Edition 1, Author: L Daheron
Title: Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services: Proceedings of 2018 Conference, Author: Giuseppe De Pietro
Title: A Theory of Value / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Pasinetti Pre-Order Now
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Title: Flow Chemistry: Integrated Approaches for Practical Applications / Edition 1, Author: Santiago V Luis
Title: Quantum Theory and Its Stochastic Limit / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Accardi
Title: Textbook of Three-Dimensional Echocardiography / Edition 2, Author: Luigi P. Badano
Title: Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians: A 'Revolution in Economics' to be Accomplished, Author: Luigi L. Pasinetti
Title: Soil Stress-Strain Behavior: Measurement, Modeling and Analysis: A Collection of Papers of the Geotechnical Symposium in Rome, March 16-17, 2006 / Edition 1, Author: Hoe I. Ling
Title: Electrofluidodynamic Technologies (EFDTs) for Biomaterials and Medical Devices: Principles and Advances, Author: Vincenzo Guarino
Title: Economic Institutions, Markets and Competition: Centralization and Decentralization in the Transformation of Economic Systems, Author: Bruno Dallago

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