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Title: Security in Computer and Information Sciences: First International ISCIS Security Workshop 2018, Euro-CYBERSEC 2018, London, UK, February 26-27, 2018, Revised Selected Papers, Author: Erol Gelenbe
Title: Astrophysics of Exoplanetary Atmospheres: 2nd Advanced School on Exoplanetary Science, Author: Valerio Bozza
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Title: Public Debt, Global Governance and Economic Dynamism / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Paganetto
Title: The Legal Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Comparative Perspective, Author: Pier Luigi Petrillo
Title: Cryptands And Cryptates, Author: Luigi Fabbrizzi
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Title: Research Techniques in Animal Ecology: Controversies and Consequences / Edition 2, Author: Luigi Boitani
Title: Mathematical Aspects of Evolving Interfaces: Lectures given at the C.I.M.-C.I.M.E. joint Euro-Summer School held in Madeira Funchal, Portugal, July 3-9, 2000 / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Ambrosio
Title: Advances in Nutrition and Cancer 2 / Edition 1, Author: Vincenzo Zappia
Title: Problems in Quantum Mechanics: with Solutions / Edition 2, Author: Emilio d'Emilio
Title: Mathematics of Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Carlo Berselli
Title: New Directions in Contemporary Architecture: Evolutions and Revolutions in Building Design Since 1988 / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi
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Title: Da G. a G.: 101 Sonnetti. From G. to G.: 101 Somnets / Edition 1, Author: Giose Rimanelli
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Title: Quantum Probability and Applications II: Proceedings of a Workshop held in Heidelberg, West Germany, October 1-5, 1984 / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Accardi
Title: Milan Systemic Family Therapy: Conversations In Theory And Practice / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Boscolo
Title: Advances in Nutrition and Cancer, Author: Vincenzo Zappia
Title: Pietro Porcinai and the Landscape of Modern Italy / Edition 1, Author: Marc Treib
Title: Clinical Use of Antibodies: Tumours, infection, infarction, rejection and in the diagnosis of AIDS / Edition 1, Author: Richard P. Baum
Title: Proceedings of 5th International Conference on the Industry 4.0 Model for Advanced Manufacturing: AMP 2020, Author: Lihui Wang
Title: Structural Economic Dynamics, Author: Luigi Pasinetti
Title: Optimal Transportation and Applications: Lectures given at the C.I.M.E. Summer School held in Martina Franca, Italy, September 2-8, 2001 / Edition 1, Author: Luigi Ambrosio

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