Title: CT & MRI Pathology: A Pocket Atlas, Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Jagan Mohan Ailinani
Paperback $55.19 $61.00 Current price is $55.19, Original price is $61.00.
Title: Refined Ray Tracing inside Single- and Double-Curvatured Concave Surfaces, Author: Balamati Choudhury
Title: Big Data Processing Using Spark in Cloud, Author: Mamta Mittal
Title: Breeding Plantation Tree Crops: Tropical Species, Author: Shri Mohan Jain
Title: Modern Approaches in Applied Intelligence: 24th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems, IEA/AIE 2011, Syracuse, NY, USA, June 28 - July 1, 2011, Proceedings, Part II, Author: Kishan G. Mehrotra
Title: Photoactivity of Metal Oxides and Software used in Daylighting, Author: Arnab Bhattacharyya
Title: Advances in Data and Information Sciences: Proceedings of ICDIS 2017, Volume 2, Author: Mohan L. Kolhe
Title: Human Resource Information Systems: Basics, Applications, and Future Directions, Author: Michael J. Kavanagh
Paperback $50.35 $55.95 Current price is $50.35, Original price is $55.95.
Title: Manual of ICU Procedures, Author: Mohan Gurjar
Title: Reducing Health Disparities: Communication Interventions, Author: Mohan J. Dutta
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Title: Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops: Volume 1 Preharvest Practice / Edition 1, Author: Ramdane Dris
Title: Scattering Cross Section of Unequal Length Dipole Arrays, Author: Hema Singh
Title: Applications of Nanomaterials: Advances and Key Technologies, Author: Sneha Mohan Bhagyaraj
Title: Applications of Robotics in Industry Using Advanced Mechanisms: Proceedings of International Conference on Robotics and Its Industrial Applications 2019, Author: Janmenjoy Nayak
Title: Residue Number Systems: Theory and Applications, Author: P.V. Ananda Mohan
Title: A Linguistic Description and Computer Program for Children's Speech, Author: Geoffrey J. Turner
Title: Protocols for Micropropagation of Selected Economically-Important Horticultural Plants, Author: Maurizio Lambardi
Title: Molecular Biology and Physiology of Insulin and Insulin-Like Growth Factors, Author: Derek LeRoith
Title: Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy, Author: Lucas G. Chase
Title: Resettling Displaced People: Policy and Practice in India, Author: Hari Mohan Mathur

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