Title: Decisions and Diplomacy: Studies in Twentieth Century International History / Edition 1, Author: Dick Richardson
Title: Bridge Management: Inspection, Maintenance, Assessment and Repair / Edition 1, Author: Professor J E Harding
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Title: The Chosen Ones, Author: Lisa Luciano
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Title: The Airport Business / Edition 1, Author: Professor Rigas Doganis
Title: Ezra Pound as Literary Critic, Author: Emeritus Professor K K Ruthven
Title: The English Novel in History, 1950 to the Present, Author: Professor Steven Connor
Title: Inside the Film Factory: New Approaches to Russian and Soviet Cinema, Author: Ian Christie
Title: Forget Baudrillard? / Edition 1, Author: Chris Rojek
Title: Language, Saussure and Wittgenstein: How to Play Games with Words / Edition 1, Author: Professor Roy Harris
Title: The Slavonic Languages / Edition 1, Author: Professor Greville Corbett
Title: The Practice of Diplomacy, Author: Keith Hamilton
Title: Pidgins and Creoles / Edition 2, Author: Professor Loreto Todd