Title: A Lutheran Toolkit, Author: Ken Sundet Jones Pre-Order Now
Title: Faith Alone, Author: Bo Giertz
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Title: Faith Alone: The Heart of Everything, Author: Bo Giertz
Title: Unveiling Mercy: 365 Daily Devotions Based on Insights from Old Testament Hebrew, Author: Chad Bird Pre-Order Now
Title: The Pastoral Prophet: Meditations on the Book of Jeremiah, Author: Steve Kruschel
Title: Paul and the Resurrection: Testing the Apostolic Testimony, Author: Joshua Pagán
Title: A Year of Grace, Volume 2: Collected Sermons Covering the Season of Pentecost/Trinity, Author: Bo Giertz
Title: Who Am I?: Exploring Your Identity through Your Vocations, Author: Scott Ashmon
Title: The Christian Life: Cross or Glory?, Author: Steven A Hein
Title: Martin Luther's Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians (1535): Lecture Notes Transcribed by Students and Presented in Today's English, Author: Martin Luther
Title: Let the Bird Fly: Life in a World Given Back to Us, Author: Wade Johnston
Title: Scandalous Stories: A Sort of Commentary on Parables, Author: Daniel Emery Price
Title: Finding Christ in the Straw: A Forty-Day Devotion on the Epistle of James, Author: Robert M. Hiller
Title: Daughter: Our Story Remembered, Author: Cindy Koch
Title: Where Two or Three Are Gathered: Essays on Friendship, Author: Scott Keith
Title: Sexy: The Quest For Erotic Virtue in Perplexing Times, Author: Jeff Mallinson
Title: Adiaphora and Tyranny, Author: Matthias Flacius
Title: Crisis in Lutheran Theology, Vol. 1: The Validity and Relevance of Historic Lutheranism vs. Its Contemporary Rivals, Author: John Warwick Montgomery
Title: In Defense of Martin Luther, Author: John W Montgomery
Title: A Path Strewn With Sinners: A Devotional Study of Mark's Gospel & His Race to the Cross, Author: Wade Johnston

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