Title: A Lutheran Toolkit, Author: Ken Sundet Jones
Title: The Sinner/Saint Lenten Devotional, Author: Kyle G Jones
Title: The Freedom of the Christian, Author: Martin Luther
Title: Who Am I?: Exploring Your Identity through Your Vocations, Author: Scott Ashmon
Title: The Christian Life: Cross or Glory?, Author: Steven A Hein
Title: Theology of the Cross: Luther's Heidelberg Disputation & Reflections on Its 28 Theses, Author: Caleb Keith
Title: Meeting Melanchthon, Author: Scott  Leonard Keith
Title: Credo: I Believe, Author: Caleb Keith
Title: Christ Alone, Author: Rod Rosenbladt
Title: The Word of the Cross: Martin Luther's Heidelberg Disputation, Author: Charles Fry
Title: To Be A Student: Vocation and Leisure in Service to Neighbor, Author: Scott A. Ashmon
Title: Crucifying Religion: How Jesus is the End of Religion, Author: Donavon Riley
Title: Finding Christ in the Straw: A Forty-Day Devotion on the Epistle of James, Author: Robert M. Hiller