Title: The International Traveler's Guide to Avoiding Infections, Author: Charles E. Davis MD
Title: Beating Melanoma: A Five-Step Survival Guide, Author: Steven Q. Wang MD
Title: Finding Your Emotional Balance: A Guide for Women, Author: Merry Noel Miller
Title: Making Sense of IBS: A Physician Answers Your Questions about Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Author: Brian E. Lacy PhD MD
Title: The Eye Book: A Complete Guide to Eye Disorders and Health, Author: Gary H. Cassel MD
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Title: Healing Heartburn, Author: Lawrence J. Cheskin MD FACP
Title: A Parent's Guide to Children's Medicines, Author: Edward A. Bell
Title: Life After Stroke: The Guide to Recovering Your Health and Preventing Another Stroke, Author: Joel Stein MD
Title: Understanding Anesthesia: What You Need to Know about Sedation and Pain Control, Author: Steven L. Orebaugh MD
Title: Peripheral Neuropathy: What It Is and What You Can Do to Feel Better, Author: Janice F. Wiesman
Title: Cesarean Section: Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth, Author: Michele C. Moore MD
Title: Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A Physician Tells You What You Need to Know, Author: Lisa Marr MD
Title: Confronting Chronic Pain: A Pain Doctor's Guide to Relief, Author: Steven H. Richeimer MD
Title: A Guide to Survivorship for Women Who Have Ovarian Cancer, Author: Robert E. Bristow
Title: Living with Coronary Heart Disease: A Guide for Patients and Families, Author: Jerome E. Granato MD FACC
Title: Creative Engagement: A Handbook of Activities for People with Dementia, Author: Rachael Wonderlin
Title: The Back Book, Author: Ziya L. Gokaslan MD
Title: The Ear Book: A Complete Guide to Ear Disorders and Health, Author: Thomas J. Balkany
Title: The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss, Author: Nancy L. Mace
Title: Keeping Your Child Healthy in a Germ-Filled World: A Guide for Parents, Author: Athena P. Kourtis MD PhD MPH

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