Title: Ethnology: Fundamental Ethnical Problems; The Primary Ethnical Groups, Author: A. H. Keane
Title: The Early Chartered Companies: (A.D. 1296-1858) (1896), Author: George Cawston
Title: Man: Past and Present, Author: A H Keane
Title: The Boer states; land and people, Author: A. H. Keane
Title: Handbook of the history of the English language, for the use of teacher and student, Author: A. H. Keane
Title: Man, past and present, Author: A. H. Keane
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Title: Ethnology, Author: A. H. Keane
Title: The Antichrist legend; a chapter in Christian and Jewish folklore, Englished from the German of W. Bousset, with a prologue on the Babylonian dragon myth, Author: Wilhelm Bousset