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Title: A House on Fire: The Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul, Author: John A. Jackson
Title: Salt Tectonics: Principles and Practice, Author: Martin P. A. Jackson
Title: Sufism for Non-Sufis?: Ibn 'Ata' Allah al-Sakandari's Taj al-'Arus, Author: Sherman A. Jackson
Title: Their Way of Writing: Scripts, Signs, and Pictographies in Pre-Columbian America, Author: Elizabeth Hill Boone
Title: Misogyny and Media in the Age of Trump, Author: Maria B. Marron
Title: Apocalyptic Chic: Visions of the Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse in Literature and Visual Arts, Author: Barbara Brodman
Title: Child Sexual Abuse in Victorian England, Author: Louise A. Jackson
Title: Teaching Terror: Strategic and Tactical Learning in the Terrorist World, Author: James JF Forest
Title: Assistive Technology for the Hearing-impaired, Deaf and Deafblind, Author: Marion A. Hersh
Title: Practical Psychology for Pastors / Edition 2, Author: William R. Miller
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Title: Kinetic Processes: Crystal Growth, Diffusion, and Phase Transitions in Materials / Edition 2, Author: Kenneth A. Jackson
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Title: Women and Work Culture: Britain c.1850-1950 / Edition 1, Author: Louise A. Jackson
Title: The Ageing Immune System and Health, Author: Valquiria Bueno
Title: Handbook of Multicultural Counseling, Author: J. Manuel Casas
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Title: Gay and Lesbian Asia: Culture, Identity, Community, Author: Gerard Sullivan
Title: Economics, Culture and Social Theory, Author: William A. Jackson
Title: Impulsivity: Theory, Assessment, and Treatment, Author: C. Webster
Title: Ordines Coronationis Franciae, Volume 1: Texts and Ordines for the Coronation of Frankish and French Kings and Queens in the Middle Ages, Author: Richard A. Jackson
Title: Police and Community in Twentieth-Century Scotland, Author: Louise A. Jackson Pre-Order Now
Title: Markets: Perspectives from Economic and Social Theory / Edition 1, Author: William A. Jackson

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