Title: Dealing Crack / Edition 1, Author: Bruce A. Jacobs
Paperback from $12.75 $22.95 Current price is $12.75, Original price is $22.95.
Title: Linking Global Trade and Human Rights, Author: Daniel Drache
Title: Deep Interior of the Earth, Author: J.A.  Jacobs
Title: Preparation of Catalysts VII, Author: R. Maggi
NOOK Book from $216.99 $255.00 Current price is $216.99, Original price is $255.00.
Title: My heart is a pen of a ready writer (A second time around ), Author: Patricia A. Jacobs
Title: Top Stick: With Some Help from a Guardian Angel, Author: Harold A Jacobs
Title: Street Justice: Retaliation in the Criminal Underworld, Author: Bruce A. Jacobs
Title: Sex, Sexuality, and Trans Identities: Clinical Guidance for Psychotherapists and Counselors, Author: Jan C. Niemira
NOOK Book $51.49 $58.33 Current price is $51.49, Original price is $58.33.
Title: A Journey to Faith, Author: Prudencia A. Jacobs
Title: Is-136 TDMA Technology, Economics, and Services / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence J. Harte
Title: Handbook of International Disaster Psychology [4 volumes], Author: Gerard A. Jacobs
Title: Pursuing Equal Opportunities: The Theory and Practice of Egalitarian Justice, Author: Lesley A. Jacobs
Title: The Ten Disciplines of Leadership, Author: Richard A Jacobs
Title: The Persistence of the Sacred in Modern Thought, Author: Chris L. Firestone

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