Title: Big Daddy/Mr. Deeds
Title: Little Nicky
Director: Steven Brill
Title: The Longest Yard
Director: Peter Segal
Title: Hotel Transylvania
Title: 50 First Dates/Just Go with It
Title: That's My Boy
Title: Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights
Title: 6 Film Comedy Collection
Title: Anger Management
Director: Peter Segal
Title: Spanglish
Director: James L. Brooks
Title: Hotel Transylvania/Hotel Transylvania 2
Title: Bedtime Stories
Title: Bulletproof
Title: Jack and Jill
Title: Wedding Singer/Going the Distance/Music and Lyrics
Title: Click
Director: Frank Coraci
Title: Mr. Deeds
Title: Anger Management/You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Title: Reign Over Me
Director: Mike Binder
Title: 50 First Dates/Big Daddy

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