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Title: Avesta. The Religious Books of the Parsees. Volumes 1-3., Author: Arthur Bleeck
Title: The Northern Tribes of Central Australia. Elibron Classics., Author: Walter Spencer
Title: The Journal of Christopher Columbus (during His First Voyage, 1492-93) and Documents Relating to the Voyages of John Cabot and Gaspar Corte Real. Translated with Notes and an Introduction by Clements R. Markham., Author: Christopher Columbus
Title: Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa., Author: Frederick Selous
Title: Persia and the Persian Question. In Two Volumes. Volume 1., Author: George Curzon
Title: Persia and the Persian Question. In Two Volumes. Volume 2., Author: George Curzon
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Title: The Sacred City of the Ethiopians: Being a Record of Travel and Research in Abyssinia in 1893., Author: James Bent
Title: Thirty Years in the Harem: Or, the Autobiography of Melek-Hanum, Wife of H. H. Kibrizli-Mehemet Pasha. Volume 2., Author: Melek-Hanum. (Melek Hanim)
Title: Elements of Logic, Author: Richard Whately
Title: Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges: Founded on Comparative Grammar, Author: J. H. Allen
Title: Researches in Assyria, Babylonia, and Chaldaea. Forming Part of the Labours of the Euphrates Expedition., Author: William Francis Ainsworth
Title: A History of Money in Ancient Countries From the Earliest Times to the Present., Author: Alexander Del Mar (Delmar)
Title: The Immovable East. Studies of the People and Customs of Palestine. Edited with a biographical introduction by Frederic Lees. With twenty-four illustrations., Author: Philippe (Philip) Baldensperger
Title: Travels of Lady Hester Stanhope; Forming the Completion of Her Memoirs : Narrated by Her Physician, Author: Hester Lucy Stanhope
Title: Aboriginal Siberia. A Study in Social Anthropology. With a Preface by R.R. Marett. Elibron Classics., Author: Marie Czaplicka
Title: Napoleon. A History of the Art of War, from the Beginning of the French Revolution to the End of the Eighteenth Century, with a Detailed Account of the Wars of the French Revolution. In Four Volumes. Volume 1, Author: Theodore Dodge
Title: Twenty-five Years in British Guiana., Author: Henry Kirke
Title: Shinto (the Way of the Gods)., Author: William Aston
Title: The Native Tribes of Central Australia., Author: Walter Spencer
Title: Hannibal. A history of the art of war among the Carthaginians and Romans down to the Battle of Pydna, 168 B.C., with a detailed account of the Second Punic War., Author: Theodore Dodge

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