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Title: Winslow Homer and the New England Poets, Author: David Tatham
Title: Frontiersman from Lout to Hero: Notes on the Significance of the Comparative Method and the Stage Theory in Early American Literature and Culture, Author: J. A. Leo Lemay
Title: Crossing the Cultural Divide: Indians and New Englanders, 1605-1763, Author: Alden T. Vaughan
Title: Social Portrait of the South at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century, Author: George C. Rogers
Title: The Press and the American Revolution, Author: Bernard Bailyn
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Title: Needs and Opportunities in the History of the Book: America, 1639-1876, Author: David Hall
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Title: Printing, Politics and the People, Author: Robert A. Gross
Title: John Lathrop, JR.: The Quiet Poet of Federalist Boston, Author: Lewis Leary
Title: Liberty! Egalité! Independencia!: Print Culture, Enlightenment, and Revolution in the Americas, 1776-1838: Papers from a Conference at the American Antiquarian Society in June 2006 [and] the James Russell Wiggins Lecture,
Title: Art in the Early English Magazine, 1731-1800: A Checklist of the Articles on Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, from the Gentleman's Magazine, London Magazine and Universal Magazine, Author: Janice G. Schimmelman
Title: A Checklist of American Newspaper Carriers' Addresses, 1720-1820, Author: Gerald D. McDonald
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Title: Bibliography of American Editions of Robinson Crusoe to 1830, Author: Clarence Saunders Brigham
Title: Beggars and Books, Author: Ann Fabian
Title: Chronological Tables of American Newspapers: 1690-1820, Author: Edward Connery Lathem
Title: Samuel Lorenzo Knapp and Early American Biography, Author: Ben Harris H. McClary
Title: The Republican Synthesis Revisited: Essays in Honor of George Athan Billias, Author: Milton M. Klein
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Title: Portraits in the Collection of the American Antiquarian Society, Author: Lauren B. Hewes
Title: Weaver's Draft Book and Clothiers Assistant, Author: John Hargrove
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Title: How Much Is That in Real Money?: A Historical Commodity Price Index for Use as a Deflator of Money Values in the Economy of the United States, Author: John J. McCusker
Title: Checklist of European Treatises on Art and Essays on Aesthetics Available in America through 1815, Author: Janice G. Schimmelman

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